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Mobilewalla Featured as a Best Product Leader in 2019

Mobilewalla is proud to be featured in Comparably’s Best Product Leaders 2019 which highlights 25 of the most inspiring product department leaders in the country.

Comparably’s Best Product Leaders 2019

Our Senior Director, Product Management and Analytics, Varun Chugh was recognized as a truly inspiring and committed leader for the Mobilewalla team.

One member on the product management team at Mobilewalla explains that Varun and the rest of the Mobilewalla leadership team “[Leadership] encourages autonomy and are into innovation and thinking outside the box. They focus on motivation and learning.”

 As an integral member of the Mobilewalla team, Varun was instrumental in helping to build the most comprehensive consumer intelligence platform in the mobile marketing ecosystem, allowing our customers to transform data into consumer and business insights and actionable plans.

With the insights from Mobilewalla consumer intelligence platform, our partners can:

  • Enrich existing data to build a more complete picture of customers and gain an unparalleled understanding of consumer behavior.
  • Better understand individual interactions and map the customer journey across channels.
  • Unlock customer insights that help make better business decisions that drive results.
  • Leverage audience segments to effectively identify and reach the most valuable customers and prospects with campaign-specific audiences.

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On a day to day basis, Varun is responsible for product strategy, design and delivery.  Before joining Mobilewalla he worked for Standard Chartered Bank where he served on the management team of the bank’s technology center in Chennai and helped the bank meet the Singapore government’s compliance guidelines by implementing a trade surveillance program across all consumer banking verticals.

“Varun is a key member of the leadership team and this recognition is well deserved,” said Anindya Datta, Mobilewalla CEO and founder. “He has played a key role in our ability to deliver innovative products to the market as we continue to grow and scale the company.”

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