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Mobilewalla's Industry Level Research Paper Presentation at IEEE Big Data 2019

Mobilewalla is proud to announce that two of its industry level research papers namely "High Impact Customer Acquisition & Retention Modelling – A Scalable Data Mashup Approach" and "Suspicious Location Detection Using Trajectory Analysis & Location Backfilling - Scalable Approach" are selected for publication and will be presented at the IEEE Big Data 2019 International Conference in Los Angeles, CA, USA happening this 9th December to 12th December 2019. The event is one of the most prestigious and highly-regarded events attended by well-known researchers from both the industry and academia.

Both of the papers will be presented by our Senior Data Scientist, Su Won Bae. Special mention to the authors: Kajanan Sangaralingam, Nisha Verma, Aravind Ravi, Su Won Bae, Varun Chugh and Anindya Datta.

Click the button below to see the conference agenda and list of accepted papers. 

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As you all know Big Data is transforming the society, technology and industries. IEEE Big data is one of the premier conferences for Data Science and Data Analytics. It is supported by IEEE and IEEE computer society.

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