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Mobilewalla Named an AWS Technology Partner of the Year

Mobilewalla Named an AWS Technology Partner of the Year

Choosing the right data partner is an extremely important decision for companies looking to enrich their first-party data. A partner needs to have a platform that is scalable and reliable and the skills to meet an organization’s evolving business needs.

Being a recognized industry leader and innovator is another plus. Mobilewalla was recently named AWS Technology Partner of the Year for the ASEAN region in recognition of our innovative work leveraging the best of AWS services.

“Mobilewalla has been a long-standing AWS (APN) partner, leveraging key technology developments in areas such as big data and artificial intelligence to build a strong AWS Cloud solution. They are a leader in this space for providing innovative solutions built on the AWS cloud for customers across ASEAN and globally.”

– Nick Walton, Managing Director, AWS ASEAN

Data Enrichment Drives Effective Business Strategy

Employing big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques, Mobilewalla is able to turn massive amounts of highly fragmented data into clean models that enrich first party consumer data, provide analytical audience insights that influence business strategy and create a 360 degree view of the consumer to power highly targeted strategic marketing campaigns.

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“As we prepared our business to scale (our revenue has grown by 12x over the past two years) Mobilewalla knew that to deliver on our product vision, we needed a reliable and scalable platform that would allow us to speed our turnaround time for technology development.”

“We chose Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted platform, to help manage the big-data challenges of ingesting, storing and retrieving massive amounts of data efficiently and cost effectively.”

– Anindya Datta, CEO and Founder, Mobilewalla

Mobilewalla has deep expertise in both big data management and data science. Leveraging AWS Big Data Services, like AWS EMR and Redshift, has allowed us to innovate in these areas differentiating our solutions in a highly competitive market.

Aggregating and processing huge volumes of consumer data is a key core capability. Our data collection indexes billions of mobile devices spanning over 30 countries with almost three years of history. We currently are managing over 70 petabytes of data in Amazon S3 and Glacier and our data continues to grow with 50 million user actions being added daily.

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Scaling Data Growth with AWS

With AWS, we can scale up and down as required for the computational power that we need. To further support our rapid growth, we have created an entirely new class of “semantic” compression schemes which enable us to observe billions of devices over months and years, resulting in the deeper understanding of evolving consumer behavior, and helping us to deliver nuanced understanding of marketplaces and technologies.

By using AWS along with our cutting-edge machine-learning and artificial intelligence techniques, Mobilewalla analyzes consumer behavior, on a global scale, persistently as it evolves, revealing the patterns present in the customer journey.

Being named AWS ASEAN Technology Partner of the Year is tremendous validation of the work that we have done using the AWS cloud services to power and grow our business.

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