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Sensis and Mobilewalla Partner to Provide B2B Audience Segments in Australia

February 26, 2019, Sydney, Australia – Mobilewalla - a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions - and Sensis Data Solutions - a sophisticated data services company - today announced a strategic partnership, making B2B audience data available to marketers and media buyers in Australia.

The partnership addresses the growing client demand for engaging professionals and business owners in various industries within the region. Together, Mobilewalla and Sensis Data Solutions have curated unique audience segments, enabling B2B advertisers and media agencies access to the highest quality and valued consumer intelligence for Australian professionals. Engagement is available through a wide range of data platforms, such as DMPs, and DSPs, including Trade Desk, Oracle Data Cloud, Adobe, AMP (Turn), MM and DV360.

The 18 B2B audience segments that are readily accessible include: construction, building, tradies, telecommunications, information technology, hotel, hospitality and food services as well as many others.

Lee Coats, Commercial Director, Sensis Data Solutions commented:

“Sensis Data Solutions is the trusted custodian of one of the largest databases of Australian consumers and businesses. These unique data assets, coupled with Mobilewalla’s leading data and technology, provide B2B marketers with unique targeting capabilities, ensuring high return on campaign investment.”

Anindya Datta, CEO and Founder, Mobilewalla commented:

“The increasingly diverse requirements for mobile advertising signals the importance of improving efficiency through accurate customer insights. Sensis Data Solutions’ comprehensive business directory information integrated with Mobilewalla’s data and insights would enable B2B advertisers and media agencies better target their desired audiences across Australia.”

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About Sensis Data Solutions

Sensis Data Solutions is a subsidiary of Sensis ( - a leading provider of marketing and advertising services that advises and connects millions of Australian businesses to customers via its iconic brands. Sensis Data Solutions offers a range of sophisticated and intelligent services to transform any database into becoming more accurate, powerful and useful.

Sensis Data Solutions has the expertise and tools to help with data quality, consumer insights and customer connections. Ultimately, Sensis Data Solutions works with clients to make the most of their data, ensuring every interaction is meaningful.

About Mobilewalla

Mobilewalla is a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions, leveraging the industry’s most robust consumer data set and deep artificial intelligence expertise to better understand what drives the customer journey. Our proprietary solutions provide businesses with rich insight into consumer behaviour helping them to more effectively attract and retain their most desired customers.

Mobilewalla has the richest global consumer database and a deep understanding of what drives consumer actions over time, increasing the accuracy of our analytics and allowing us to provide the best understanding of the customer life cycle and how it is evolving.

Mobilewalla was founded in 2011 and has offices in Atlanta, Australia, India, New York and Singapore.

For comments or more information please contact: Arianne Reyes - Mobilewalla Marketing APAC and ANZ
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Mobilewalla is a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions, leveraging the industry’s most robust consumer data set and deep artificial intelligence expertise. Our refined consumer insights provide enterprises with unparalleled access to the digital and offline behavior patterns of customers, prospects, and competition.

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