How Companies Can Build Customer Profiles For Strategic Marketing Campaigns

For a marketing campaign to be considered a success, it must target and resonate with the desired audience. Enterprises need the ability to create accurate and in-depth customer profiles to get in front of the right people at the right time.While most brands can collect some data about their current customers, many of them lack the expertise and access to deeper data and enriched customer analytics that can drive better marketing results. Typically, brand-level data is limited to simple demographic information which fails to contribute to effective audience segmentation.

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What Are Customer Profiles?

Customer profiles are created based on the characteristics and behavior of a company’s customers. Basic customer profiles could include identifiers such as:

  • Demographics
  • Socioeconomics
  • Product/App/Site Usage

Many companies will have access to this kind of data through tools offered by their website provider or marketing platform. However, these characteristics will only tell part of a customer’s story. If a brand needs to paint a more accurate picture of their customers, they should seek access to consumer intelligence solutions, which can provide in-depth consumer data and unique audience insights.

Unique audience insights and customer behaviors include:

  • Psychographics: This includes lifestyle, values, interests, and personality information.
  • Consumer Wants: The needs and desires of consumers which could spark the creation of future products or enhancements to current ones.
  • Competitor Usage: Understanding how a consumer interacts with competitors can provide a valuable edge over that competition.

Why Are Customer Profiles Important?

A customer profile is a way of segmenting customers into categories. Since many of a brand’s customers share similar characteristics, these profiles can represent ideal customers and future prospects.


By generating strong customer profiles, marketers can leverage audience segments to create personalized campaigns that result in better engagement and improved return on investment. Accurate customer profiles can be used by marketers to create lookalike audiences across their campaigns to gain new customers and bring more customers into a brand’s marketing funnel.

With stronger consumer profiles, marketing efforts become more effective through personalized ads relevant to consumer needs. To build strong customer profiles, companies should work with a third party to gain access to data that can fill in the gaps and further enrich their customer profiles.

Mobilewalla’s Enhanced Customer Data Leads to Increased Brand Value

Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence platform that helps enrich existing data to help brands create highly differentiated customer profiles.

We own and operate the most comprehensive repository of consumer behavior information in the digital marketing ecosystem. With access to thousands of buyer data points across 30+ countries and 1.5 billion mobile devices, we are able to provide our clients with consumer data that will improve marketing performance, campaign effectiveness, and drive sales growth.

The brands we work with can create customer profiles that enhance marketing efforts that can evolve along with their audiences.

If you would like to see how Mobilewalla can work for you, request a demo of our platform.

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Mobilewalla is a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions, leveraging the industry’s most robust consumer data set and deep artificial intelligence expertise. Our refined consumer insights provide enterprises with unparalleled access to the digital and offline behavior patterns of customers, prospects, and competition.

Start making more informed business decisions and effectively acquire, understand, and retain your most valuable customers. Get in touch with a data expert today