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Day 2 at the Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) 2019

Mobilewalla is proud to be a part of the North American Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) in Brooklyn, NY. The event just wrapped up today, and we’ve had a great two days here and thought it would be helpful to share some insights and key takeaways. 

If you missed our coverage from day one, please read yesterday’s blog post.

Our Favorite Highlights From DMWF Day 2

1. Future-proofing Your Digital Team & Strategy

Digital Marketing World Forum 2019My day started with a panel on “Future-proofing your Digital Team & Strategy” which primarily focused on how brands can foster a culture that can manage, and even thrive, in this age of technology disruption. There isn’t a brand in the world that doesn’t need to figure out how to successfully do that. Representatives from brands like Lego and Mastercard shared advice and inspiration; if they can figure out how to make it happen in their large, distributed organizations, certainly the rest of us can, right? 

Some key takeaways for me included the importance of a test and learn culture – build fast, fail fast, learn from it, and make better decisions going forward. Amen. They also highlighted the importance of knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it. “Shiny-object syndrome” is real, and can be hard to fight at times; use data to guide the way towards intelligent strategies and decisions.

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2. How T-Mobile Harnessed the Power of Data to Reach Customers in New Ways

Next on my agenda was a session titled, “How T-Mobile Harnessed the Power of Data to Reach Customers in New Ways.” To say T-Mobile is passionate about customer experience is putting it mildly. Having worked with them in the past, I know they are unwavering in their dedication to their customers.

They started the session off with some A/B test examples and tested our ability to identify the winning copy. Let’s just say my success rate with that exercise served as a great reminder that behavior often doesn’t match expectations. This session also had some absolutely fantastic insights that serve to inspire:

  • “Your job isn’t to be data-driven, it’s to create data that you can learn from.”  The A/B test exercise they had us go through is a perfect example of that. They tested, they learned, they improved results quickly.
  • “It’s not about knowing all the answers; it’s about asking more questions.”  Inherent curiosity is the driver behind creativity and innovation.
  • “Bravery is about knowing what you don’t know.”  Your customer has a lot to teach you if you just let them.

3. Voice: A Must For Your Marketing Strategy

Finally, I finished out the conference with a panel on “Voice: A must for your marketing strategy.” We’ve all been hearing more about voice lately, but did you know how prolific these devices have become? Here are some eye-opening statistics that came out of this session:

  • There are 200 million installed voice devices in the US
  • Over half of the homes in the US have a voice device
  • By next year, more than half of all search will be done through a voice device

Wow, who knew? Also interesting is that when the panel asked how many people in the room were working on a voice strategy, virtually no hands went up. The numbers certainly show that this is something every marketer should be thinking about. Thankfully we had marketers from brands like Pfizer and The Food Network to offer guidance on integrating voice into your marketing strategy

All in all, this was an excellent event with plenty of networking opportunities, interesting speakers to learn from, and lots of food for thought!

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Laurie Hood

As Senior Vice President, Marketing, Laurie Hood is responsible for all aspects of Mobilewalla’s marketing strategy including messaging and positioning, brand awareness, demand generation and sales enablement. She brings extensive experience in technology marketing and product management to Mobilewalla most recently holding leadership roles Equifax and IBM, through their acquisition of Silverpop a marketing automation company.