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3 Ways Mobile Data Localization Improves Marketing Performance

As smart device usage increases, mobile data localization is becoming a more critical part of successful marketing strategies. Gathering and analyzing data on customer activities on-the-go can provide retailers with a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviors along the path-to-purchase.

Mobile phones broadcast locations at regular intervals, and observe activity and analytics in tandem with app usage. These metrics provide businesses and advertisers with detailed information about consumers and their habits. This data can help them build more nuanced and comprehensive profiles of current and existing customers to better personalize their location-based marketing efforts.

As more companies incorporate data localization into their marketing analytics, the benefits are also becoming more apparent.

Benefits Of Mobile Data Localization

1. Improved Audience Insights

Localized mobile data can provide marketers with mobile usage data accessed from different locations. By cross-referencing locational and behavioral data, companies can best identify patterns as to how consumers interact with a brand per location. In essence, mobile data localization helps brands improve audience insights, gaining a comprehensive understanding of customers and their path-to-purchase journey.

Additionally, some retailers are finding success in using location-based data to improve attribution analysis of marketing campaign effectiveness. A marketer can pinpoint an individual’s exposure to a certain advertisement or promotion and lead them to a future purchase.

2. Increased Conversion Rate

Data localization can be applied to improve conversion rates and boost sales. For example, Whole Foods developed geo-fences around its stores to target relevant audiences and achieved a post-click conversion rate three times higher than the national average.

Retailers are also beginning to explore geo-conquesting, where a user will receive an offer when physically near a competitor’s location designed to lure the customer away from the competitor. Outback Steakhouse increased click-through engagement by 78% and improved conversions by 11% after employing geo-conquesting.

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3. Higher Engagement & Response Rates

Adding the ‘where’ dimension to the pool of available consumer data gives brands additional information to precisely target audience segments while improving the personalization of marketing campaigns. Personalization that leverages mobile data localization makes advertisements more attractive to consumers as messaging can be tailored to their specific area and can increase overall brand engagement.

Mobile Data Localization With Consumer Intelligence Platforms

Mobile data can be less predictive, harder to track, and difficult to interpret without the right tools. To make data localization easier for marketers and advertisers, consumer intelligence platform, Mobilewalla, collects, interprets, and analyzes consumer lifecycle data for enterprises.

The Mobilewalla consumer intelligence platform can provide app usage, location, and persistence data to build long-term profiles of your ideal consumer, enabling researchers, marketers, and analysts to improve audience engagement and build stronger connections with the consumers they care about.

Request a demo with the Mobilewalla team to see how our consumer intelligence platform can improve your location-based marketing efforts and bolster your consumer outreach efforts.

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