Understanding Competitive Brand Affinity to Maximize Marketing ROI

The fast food and quick-service restaurant space is highly competitive, all seeking the attention, loyalty and engagement of consumers to drive foot traffic and sales. The most savvy QSRs leverage their first-party data to inform their strategies but this data doesn’t go beyond their customers’ interaction with them through their mobile apps and loyalty programs.

To optimize the launch of a new sandwich offering, a QSR partnered with Mobilewalla to gain competitive insights by knowing more about their customers’ behavior and dining preferences outside of their environment, as well as understand which consumers have the propensity to purchase their new product and then target them with offers for maximum marketing ROI.

Read this case study to learn how:

  • Enriched insights and advanced machine learning techniques were applied to understand consumer preferences and predict their brand propensity scores

  • High-quality data were used in order to identify consumers who are likely to purchase their new product offering, and

  • How this information were applied to reach similar prospects and measure campaign effectiveness.


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