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Data to unlock the power of your AI

Make your AI smarter with high-quality, privacy compliant consumer data and predictive features from Mobilewalla.

You don’t know,
what you don’t know.

First party data alone cannot give you what you need to understand, model, and predict consumer behavior. Mobilewalla data gives you the breadth, depth and scale necessary to build more accurate predictive models and drive business decisions based on deep customer insights.

New Account Acquisition and Retention

Risk Modeling

Best Product Recommendations

Churn Analysis

High-Value Customer Identification

Understand Household Composition

Ensure your data is keeping up with change

Shifting societal norms are making historical data obsolete. Mobilewalla can show you how to use third-party data to improve business resilience and behavioral predictions amid a changing landscape.

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How to Choose
a Data Provider

The consumer data ecosystem is crowded, but few data providers offer the quality, quantity, breadth, or depth of data, essential for improving your machine learning and business outcomes.

This annotated checklist outlines critical questions to ask potential third-party data providers.

Topics include:

  • Privacy and Compliance
  • Data Handling
  • Usability
Get Insights about your Data

Improve your
data, improve your performance

Data scientists and analysts work with Mobilewalla to incorporate highly predictive features into their machine learning process improving the efficacy of their predictive models.

Increase the Value of AI with Data

How Mobilewalla helps telecommunication companies acquire and retain customers

Telcos face heavy competition and are relying on predictive models to understand churn risks and switcher opportunities. While they have rich first-party data, telcos have significant gaps in capturing household data, which helps to analyze acquisition, retention, churn, and average revenue per user expansion.

Download the telco case study Leveraging Household Insights to Attract and Retain Subscribers and learn how high quality data and predictive features identify, understand, and construct households and how this data enables telcos a competitive advantage.

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