Mobilewalla is a data as a service (DaaS) platform that provides quality data as a service to business analysts, marketers and researchers. Our refined consumer insights offer enterprises with unparalleled access to the most comprehensive repository of raw mobile consumer behavior information in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Data as a Service is a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses and researchers to gain data-driven insights that lead to actionable results. Business analysts, marketers and researchers purchase raw or refined data on-demand, often centralized in data management platforms (DMPs), for decision making or research that can provide numerous benefits.

Organizations want the latest, most accurate data for decision-making and research purposes. However, running their studies with a large enough sample size is costly and time-consuming.

Many companies are implementing DaaS with reputable consumer intelligence partners, who provide customer data enrichment services their own central repositories that contain endless amounts of raw and refined consumer data used for conducting valuable research on given subjects.

DaaS For Consumer Intelligence

Purchasing the latest, high-quality consumer data helps businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior, including insights from customers of competitors. By leveraging DaaS from consumer intelligence platform partners, like Mobilewalla, businesses can gain several competitive advantages.

  1. Business Agility: With constantly updated consumer intelligence that’s been tested for accuracy, businesses can make proactive strategic decisions and remain flexible in turbulent markets.
  2. Cost Savings: Consumer intelligence platforms save businesses time and money by helping them avoid the costs of conducting their own extensive studies to gather consumer insights.
  3. Enhanced Advertising: Advertisers have access to millions of consumer data points and audience segments which they can customize and test in marketing campaigns.
  4. Data Quality: By purchasing consumer data from a reliable source, companies can access high-quality, fraud-proof data to drive business growth. 

Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence platform that provides DaaS to help marketers, business analysts, brands, and agencies better understand consumer behavior. Organizations can leverage sophisticated big data techniques, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to build new products, improve advertising strategies, and engage consumers via highly differentiated buyer profiles.

Learn how Data as a Service can boost consumer engagement and help your business make data-driven marketing decisions. Contact a Mobilewalla data expert using the form provided and let us know how we can help you.


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