Audience Segments

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Advertisers often seek to address specific segments of a complex and multi-dimensional customer population that will drive sales for their offerings.

Mobilewalla’s Audience Segments break the consumer universe down into syndicated and custom segments, corresponding to nuanced consumer behaviors for highly-concentrated marketing decisions. Thousands of buyer data points are modeled into any number of campaign-specific audiences to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Audience Segments

An airline may have an offer meaningful only for frequent travelers between two specific cities, or a telco may look to promote a data plan targeted specifically towards a competitor’s subscribers.

Our Data Services Improve:



Quality of Audiences






Engagement Rates


Enhanced Customer Experience




Return on Investment

Discover the power of Mobilewalla data:


Harness insights for more relevant marketing campaigns worldwide. Our data spans 31 countries and 1.3 billion devices globally, giving you the localized data you need to make the right decisions.

Historical data

Analyze multiple years of customer data and consumer choices to understand trends and decision-making with high accuracy.

Syndicated Segments

Utilize an expansive mobile device collection that addresses consumer groups which range from vast to very granular based on your business needs.

Customer Segments

Customize campaign-specific segments with infinite possibilities using Mobilewalla’s extensive data.

Clean Data

Data is monitored and continuously refreshed to ensure that it is fraud-proof, and includes high-quality segments providing maximal reach


Mobilewalla uses Nielsen-certified and verified demographic information for quality assurance of segments


App Usage

Analyzing app downloads gives a misleading view of the consumer. App Usage is at the heart of Mobilewalla's audience segments, creating a precise story, complete with consumer interests and behaviors.

Discover the possibilities that accurate consumer engagement can unlock for your business.

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