Identify and acquire target buyers by enriching first-party data

Effectively acquire, understand and retain your most valuable consumers

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has long sought creative ways to unlock buyer insights. Despite myriad challenges the industry faces – including online ordering and delivery, supply chain issues, the rise of niche brands, and changing consumer behaviors – a deep understanding of your buyers and their behavior remains a top priority.

Mobilewalla’s data-driven consumer intelligence solutions equip the CPG industry to better understand, model, and predict consumer behavior.

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cpg case study

Case Study: Enriching First-Party Data to Identify Target Buyers

Download the case study to discover how enhanced first-party data helped a multinational conglomerate in the CPG industry reach its goal of building lookalike audiences to drive acquisition.


Mobilewalla Solutions

Data Enrichment

Use third-party data for a deeper understanding of buyer propensity and competitive loyalty.

Feature Engineering

Train your AI and machine learning models to make accurate predictions about buyer behavior.

Audience Segments

Identify and reach your most loyal buyers and prospects with campaign-specific audiences.

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