Data Enrichment

Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence platform that provides sophisticated data enrichment solutions to help businesses better understand customer behavior and identify ideal prospects. With enriched customer data and audience insights from Mobilewalla, marketers can make informed business decisions and increase overall marketing returns on investments.

What is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is the process of cleaning and enhancing raw consumer data with third-party data from an external authoritative source.

Businesses can take basic customer data (i.e. names, addresses, and phone numbers) and leverage data enrichment services to uncover additional information. With demographic, geographic, psychographic, and/or purchasing behaviors, marketers and data analysts can build more complete consumer profiles that evolve as the customer does.

Customer data enrichment is not a one and done process. Consumer information like incomes, locations, preferences, or marital statuses, will change over time. By working with a strong data enrichment partner, customer profiles can be consistently updated to ensure customer data stays clean, relevant, and useful.

Customer Data Enrichment Benefits

Better Understand Existing Customers

From product creators to marketers, better understanding existing customers can lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased profits. If a company meets the needs of buyers, they’re more likely to gain new customers through referrals as well as repeat business from happy patrons.

Increase Marketing ROI with Better Advertising

The strongest marketing campaigns are those that are able to reach the right person at the right time on the right platform. Serving ads to the wrong audience, no matter how good the creative is, can lead to wasted spend and effort.

Through data enrichment, companies gain more information on existing or potential customers, making it easier to target the right audience with effective ad placements and stronger messaging. Effective targeting results in better media buying, stronger campaign results, and ultimately, increased returns on marketing investments.

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Improve Customer Experience

By fully understanding their customer’s needs, businesses are able to explore opportunities for improvement and innovation. Companies can enhance product offerings or develop creative promotions to best meet consumer needs, where and when they need it most. With more positive customer experiences, companies can improve retention rates and better nurture a loyal customer base.

Understand Consumer Behavior with Competition

Customer data enrichment can also uncover insights into competitive preferences to improve business agility and quickly react to changes in the market. Geographic and behavioral data can unveil how customers may be interacting with competitors, helping companies improve strategic direction and decision-making.

Marketers can also quickly retaliate against competitor campaigns to keep their current customers from straying or employ tactics to convert customers from their competitors.

Customer Data Enrichment With a Consumer Intelligence Partner

Attempting to enrich customer data in-house is a tedious and expensive investment that may never provide the most recent and full picture of target audiences. That’s why data analysts, researchers, and marketers leverage third-party consumer intelligence providers to gain access to massive global repositories of consumer data for faster, more accurate decision-making.

Top consumer intelligence providers leverage artificial intelligence and big data technology to continuously collect, clean, and update data to increase the accuracy and reliability of results. With more accurate audience insights, analysts, marketers, and researchers can better understand who their ideal customers are, identify and attract new buyers, and better retain existing customers.

Gain Access to the Most Comprehensive Consumer Data Repository

Mobilewalla is a leading consumer intelligence provider, boasting the most comprehensive consumer data repository in the digital ecosystem. We aggregate data from multiple sources, then apply data cleansing techniques, fraud detection measures, and a combination of deterministic, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques.

Data analyst, researchers, and marketers leverage our highly-accurate consumer data sets for richer, more robust customer profiles including information about their competitors’ customers and consumers. With app usage, location, and behavior-based data, enterprises can build a complete picture of current and potential customers to connect with them when and where they are ready to engage.

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