LendBetter: Maximize Loan Approvals, Optimize Default Risk

Enabling Financial Inclusion for the New-to-Credit

Managing new account acquisition and expansion with the risk of default, and the subsequent collection on those defaults is an ongoing challenge for fintech firms, especially in emerging markets.

LendBetter can help you:

  • Maximize loan approvals
  • Acquire more thin-file customers
  • Reduce default rates


Key Use Cases for Emerging Market Fintechs

When predicting consumer behavior, having as much information as possible is crucial. Understanding the finer details of your consumer can make the difference when acquiring new customers. Through LendBetter's real-time API, you will have access to the data you need to help maximise loan approvals, manage default risk, and grow revenue.

Maximize Loan Approvals

No credit history, not a problem. LendBetter fills the gap with highly predictive features and risk scores based on high quality alternative data.


Understand and Manage Default Risk

Our privacy compliant device, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral features provide a complete picture for credit assessment and default risk.


Reduce risk of fraud and boost collections

Compare customer inputs on KYC forms with our data, and enrich your internal data sources to improve your collections processes and recovery.

The LendBetter API

The LendBetter API is a REST API that provides a real-time call to our data. Input to the API is country and device ID, the API then returns json-encoded responses that have standard HTTP response codes. 

API Process

  1. Customer Set-Up: Customer requests API access, Mobilewalla will validate customer account, customer then sets up data ingestion using the API client token and related documentation

  2. Request API Endpoint:  The customer applications calls the required dataset endpoint and passes the country, device IDs and client token

  3. Receive Response:  Receive the data fields as a response for the device IDs available in the Mobilewalla database