Mobile Marketing

Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence platform that leverages location data to enhance the effectiveness of mobile marketing efforts. Businesses can leverage location-based mobile audience segments to increase consumer engagement and conversions.

What is Mobile Marketing?

In today’s mobile reliant world, there is an increasing number of digital marketing channels (social media, digital ads, SMS, etc.) available for marketers to reach audience segments across mobile devices. With the advent of these new digital marketing channels, marketers and advertisers are leveraging mobile marketing, a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy, which allows them to reach target audiences through consumer mobile devices.

Consumers can receive advertisements and brand communications on their mobile devices via social media, email, search engines, display ads, SMS and MMS, mobile apps, and more. To increase the effectiveness of these mobile marketing efforts, mobile audiences can be further segmented utilizing location data to deliver ads at the time and place that they’re most relevant.

Location-Based Mobile Marketing

Location-based mobile marketing further benefits advertisers by helping marketers and advertisers develop relevant, personalized ads based on a mobile user’s geographic location.

By leveraging consumer behavior insights derived from mobile data intelligence and locational information, individuals are more likely to take action or convert to a customer when delivered tailored messaging that resonates with their interests and needs. As a result, mobile marketing efforts enhanced with locational data can yield a higher return on investment and ultimately generate more business.

For example, sending an advertisement for a local restaurant on a map application can increase relevancy and click-through rate of an ad, improving the chances of making a sale. Through Mobilewalla’s consumer intelligence platform, mobile advertisers also gain daily audience insights into historical consumer behavior for valuable data analytics.

Mobile Marketing with Mobilewalla

Mobilewalla owns and operates the most comprehensive repository of raw mobile consumer behavior information in the digital marketing ecosystem. Over the past decade, our mobile data analysts have developed and refined consumer insights for enterprises with in-depth access to digital and offline behavior patterns of consumers.

Business analysts, marketers, and researchers leverage Mobilewalla’s consumer intelligence data to enhance mobile marketing and location-based marketing efforts. Our platform provides mobile device linkages to location, IP address, mobile app, Telecom carrier mappings, and more to maximize the effectiveness of mobile marketing practices.

To learn how your business can leverage mobile data intelligence to enhance advertising efforts, contact our data experts using the form provided.

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