Unlock Competitor Insights with Market Flow

Leverage detailed competitive flow share and market share data to drive customer acquisition and retention strategies


Conventional panel-based reports are limited, fragmented and not representative of the evolving realities of current broadband consumption trends.

Market Flow’s comprehensive set of granular insights based on flow share and market share data enables broadband providers to accurately assess market share, flow share, precise market movements, and competitive threats in an ever-changing digital world.


Market Flow can help you:

  • Assess your performance against the competition in key markets and sub-markets
  • Get insight into subscriber movement across competitors and technologies
  • Understand residential usage at the household and census block levels
  • Analyze SMB usage at an individual business level

Key Use Cases for Broadband Providers

When analyzing market and flow share, having detailed insights is crucial.  Understanding the finer details of broadband consumption and subscriber behavior can make the difference when acquiring and retaining customers. Through Market Flow, you will have access to the data you need to support operational planning and optimize marketing ROI for both residential and SMB segments.


Residential Wireless Broadband Usage

Distinguish different broadband connection subtypes - Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Fixed Broadband (FBB), etc., to precisely analyze competition and changing consumer dynamics.


SMB Carrier Identification

Receive accurate carrier usage insights on SMBs and how it is changing in specific areas to optimize your business broadband offerings.



Identify detailed nuanced information about each household and its members, and discover predictive features to understand the propensity of acquisition, churn, retention and ARPU expansion.


Data Enrichment

Enrich your existing internal customer profiles and acquire data about your competitor's customers to improve the results of your predictive modeling efforts and increase your machine learning efficiency.

Market Flow


1. Cellular Connection

Ability to classify devices as either “true” cellular or FWA

2. Householding

A data set which decomposes a geography into households and provides granular household characteristics including:

  • Devices through which telecom services are consumed

  • Time series recording of carrier connection to each device

  • The type of each connection

View the Household Data Schema (PDF)

3. SMB Carrier Identification

Ability to identify FBB and FWA carriers across small to medium businesses, powered by:

  • Dynamic business outline shaping, yielding accurate identification

  • Multi-carrier identification (e.g., Starbucks using FWA inside a Target using FBB)

4. Geographical Roll Up

Insights from Household to Zip to Census Block to City to State to Country

5. Mover Indicator

Signals as to whether there has been a relocation at both the household and individual level

6. Behavior and Demographics

Insights for deeper understanding of subscribers and their characteristics