Mobile Data

Mobilewalla analyzes, stores, and accesses the most extensive collection of curated mobile app data in the market. Our comprehensive mobile data repository enables data scientists, data analysts, and enterprises to enhance predictive modeling integrity  with unmatched depth and breadth of data, and more than 200 pre-defined features

Harnessing the power of deep and broad mobile data can unlock insights that better train AI models.

How Does Mobile Data Help Shape Marketing Strategy?

Now considered an extension of a user, the use of mobile devices and smartphones is limitless.

With consumers using mobile devices to interact with their favorite companies and brands on a daily basis, mobile data has become essential to data enrichment, so that data scientists and analysts can employ data with depth and breadth in their AI systems.

Companies looking to utilize mobile data to improve data analyses and AI can turn to data enrichment providers to integrate third-party data that can pair with a company’s first-party data for more comprehensive feature engineering and data at scale.

To ensure predictive modeling from mobile data is  successful, data scientists  should continually test training datasets and algorithms determine what is working and not working to make the appropriate adjustments.

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How Does a Consumer Intelligence Data Provider like Mobilewalla Improve the Quality of Mobile Data?

Ultimately, more data means better accuracy to train AI, regardless of algorithm or machine learning technique. Third-party data providers like Mobilewalla have a robust data repository that segment for any desired audience.

Mobilewalla stores multiple years of mobile data, spanning more than 1 billion devices across 30+ countries. This data is refreshed twice per month for high-quality feature selection and greater depth.

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Use mobile data to gain more insights into your consumer’s needs and competitor behaviors: