Mobile Data

Mobilewalla analyzes, stores, and accesses the most extensive collection of mobile app data spanning 1.3 billion devices across 31 countries. Our comprehensive mobile data repository enables agencies and enterprises to launch targeted campaigns through syndicated and custom audience segments.

Mobile data is content transmitted between mobile devices and a vast global network, collected from devices such as smartphones and tablets through app usage, internet browsing, or user surveys.

Harnessing the power of mobile data analytics can unlock insights into consumer behaviors to pinpoint audience segments for audience engagement.

How Does Mobile Data Help Shape Marketing Strategy?

Now considered an extension of a user, the use of mobile devices and smartphones is limitless - communication, research, buying and selling goods, paying bills, managing calendars and the list goes on.

With more and more consumers using mobile devices to interact with their favorite companies and brands on a daily basis, mobile data has become essential to marketing efforts so that advertisers can meet their best customers at precisely the right place and time.

Mobile data audience insights allow organizations to learn more about their consumers, expand their customer analytics, and capture potential new audiences.

Companies looking to utilize mobile data to improve mobile marketing can turn to consumer intelligence providers to integrate second and third-party data that can pair with a company’s first-party data for more comprehensive insights into consumers for marketing or research purposes.

Effective marketing campaigns leverage mobile data to reach specific audiences that are often more responsive than those engaged through traditional marketing efforts. Mobile users are only shown relevant advertisements, based on their buying history and interests, yielding a higher return on investment.

To ensure campaigns are a success, stakeholders should continually test results to determine what is working and not working to make the appropriate adjustments. Testing also helps identify the right customers, and also shows who might not be a good fit.

Learn More About Leveraging Consumer Data for Mobile Insights

How Does a Consumer Intelligence Data Provider like Mobilewalla Improve the Quality of Mobile Data?

Ultimately, more data means more insights. Consumer intelligence data providers, like Mobilewalla have a robust data repository that segment for any desired audience.

Mobilewalla stores multiple years of mobile data, spanning 1.3 billion devices across 31 countries. This data is refreshed twice per month for high-quality segments and capture audiences’ long-term buying trends and future needs. Mobilewalla’s privacy-compliant mobile data gives organizations access to billions of consumer profiles for unlimited scale. 

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