Mobile Data Analytics

Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence data platform that collects petabytes of consumer data including daily user interactions to help marketers, brands, and agencies leverage mobile data analytics to run highly-effective marketing campaigns at scale.

Mobile data analytics enables organizations to analyze vast quantities of raw mobile data to make observations and inferences about specific audience segment behaviors. Using real individual consumer data, rather than generalized population data, helps to shape a customized marketing strategy for each segment, yielding a higher return on investment.

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Enhance Marketing Campaigns With Mobile Data Analytics

Analytics provides audience insights including consumer preferences, the effectiveness of campaigns, and opportunities for location-based marketing initiatives. Mobile data analytics reports can highlight areas where campaigns were effective and opportunities for growth within particular segments.

In the past, marketers could only gather general consumer data from store sales or online browsing. Using modern mobile data analytics, collecting and analyzing significant research and insights enables marketers to engage consumers on a 1:1 level and provide personalized experiences online and offline.

Customers can be served customized content based on their behaviors, browsing history, purchase history, or personal preferences. Organizations can examine consumer traffic reports to determine whether to run campaigns on websites, through email, or even social media.

Mobile data analytics gives marketers, brands, and agencies the information they need to launch and optimize highly-successful marketing campaigns. With better analytics, organizations can improve customer engagement with highly personalized campaigns addressing their stage in the buyer journey.

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Improve Mobile Data Quality with a Consumer Intelligence Data Provider

Mobilewalla, a consumer intelligence data provider, has a repository of mobile data that gives partners limitless audience segmentation opportunities to reach unique audiences in personalized ways. Enterprises, marketers, and brands can even combine first-party data with Mobilewalla’s second and third-party data to create a greater sample size for a deeper analysis.

Consumer intelligence data providers are able to connect consumers online and offline profiles for a complete picture of their behaviors. Data like mobile app usage, IP address, device type, and location-based telco mapping linkages help marketers, brands, and agencies research and analyze customers locations and preferences to deliver a marketing campaign that truly resonates with their needs and interests.

Mobilewalla stores years of consumer data that is refreshed twice a month for quality assurance of audience segments. Users can leverage Mobilewalla’s robust mobile data repository which captures over 50 million user actions per day for greater analysis in building highly-successful mobile marketing campaigns.

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Leverage mobile data analytics to run highly-effective marketing campaigns: