Location-Based Marketing

Mobilewalla analyzes, stores, and accesses the most extensive collection of mobile data spanning 1.3 billion devices across 31 countries. Our comprehensive mobile data repository enables agencies and enterprises to launch location-based marketing campaigns that speak directly to consumers in specific regions.

Location-based marketing (LBM) involves an application, service, or campaign that incorporates the use of geographic location to deliver or enhance a marketing message or service.

Executing location-based marketing campaigns can yield a higher return on investment for businesses as they speak directly to consumer needs in specific geographic locations.

How Does Location-Based Marketing Improve the Quality of Mobile Marketing Campaigns?

Brands and advertisers can leverage location-based marketing to deliver the most optimal message to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. By using mobile data analytics to draw insights and location information, enterprises can create personalized, tailored messages and advertisements that speak directly to consumer needs, yielding a higher return on investment and generating more business.

Location-based marketing encourages customers to interact with brands that appeal directly to them or the area in which they live. Customers are more likely to choose these brands for their next purchases because the message resonated with them.

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How Can Brands Improve Their Location-Based Marketing Campaigns?

More data and audience insights can significantly increase location-based marketing campaign quality. An airline may have an offer meaningful only for frequent travelers between two specific cities, or a telco may look to promote a data plan specifically targeted towards a competitor’s subscribers in a specific metropolitan area.

By implementing location-based marketing into new campaigns, enterprises can focus on delivering messages that resonate with consumers in a specific region.

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Consumer intelligence data providers, like Mobilewalla, can help enterprises with location-based audience segments using a robust data repository for any desired audience around the globe for a higher return on investment.

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