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In each episode, members of the Mobilewalla team are joined by industry leaders and influencers to discuss the different ways that data and technology can improve predictive modeling, feature engineering and data enrichment.

Our Latest Episodes

Episode 107: Using Connectivity and Data to Change the World with Flavia Tata Nardini of Fleet Space Technologies


Omnipresent connectivity is the future. And with emerging technologies, we're getting closer to unlocking the full potential of connectivity and data. But why is connectivity so crucial in this day and age? How do we revolutionize connectivity and data? And what role does space play in digital transformation? In this episode of Data Point of View, host Laurie Hood welcomes Flavia Tata Nardini, the CEO of Fleet Space Technologies. They chat about space entrepreneurship, the importance of connectivity for humankind, and the challenges of running a space startup.


Episode 106: Using Machine Learning to Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience - Simran Singh, Green Dot Financial


AI, automation, and data are the future of the business world. But, it will take time for many organizations to determine how to make the most out of them. Tech companies such as Green Dot are taking the lead, and they are an example of how machine learning and data drive business growth. In this episode of Data Point of View, our host Laurie Hood welcomes Simran Singh. He is the Vice President, Banking as a Service at Green Dot. Simran shares details from his incredible career. Although he did his undergrad in computer science and mathematics, he didn't become a techie. Instead, he turned to business and entrepreneurship.


Episode 105: Understanding Data Drift and Stability to Build Resilient Models - Anindya Datta, Mobilewalla


Predictive models help predict future behaviors, and they are powerful tools for supporting business decisions and improving operations.But predictive models are only as accurate and reliable as the data that powers them.In this episode of the Data Point of View podcast, our host Laurie Hood welcomes Anindya Datta, the CEO and Founder of Mobilewalla. They get into the problems of performance degradation in production, how to tackle data accuracy challenges, and the role of data stability in building resilient models.


Episode 104: Using Data Science to Drive FinTech Innovation - Joel Samuel, FinAccel

January 2022
  • FinTech

What role do data science and machine learning play in the development of FinTech systems, especially in countries like Indonesia? In this episode of Data Point of View, Laurie Hood welcomes Joel Samuel, the VP, Head of Machine Learning Engineer at FinAccel. They get into the importance of machine learning and data science in accomplishing business goals and delivering a better user experience, the hassle of finding data science specialists, FinTech and e-commerce development in Southeast Asia, and the essence of starting small.


Episode 103: Bridging the Gap Between Business and Data - Anshuman Banerjee, Spark New Zealand

November 2021

    Data makes the world go round. And with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, data is likely to become even more critical in business. In this episode of the Data Point Of View Anshuman Banerjee, a Domain Chapter Lead of Commercial Data at Spark New Zealand joins us to discuss why data plays a key role in understanding customers and how to fill in the gap between business and data.


    Episode 102: Why CTV is Important for CPG - Anindya Datta & Jim Mahoney, Mobilewalla

    October 2021
    • CTV
    • CPG

    It’s estimated that investments in connected TV (CTV) grew 40.6% year over year in 2020. But the new nature of this vertical and the innate challenges with data capture and analysis will prove problematic for advertisers, according to Mobilewalla’s CEO Anindya Datta and their VP of Sales-CPG, Jim Mahoney. This episode of Data Point of View explores and discusses those challenges and possibilitiescovering topics like scarcity, fragmentation, privacy, diversity, and measurement.


    Episode 101: AI from Inception to Implementation - Sunil Saini, BharatPe

    September 2021
    • FinTech

    With access to so much data, how do the world’s leading data scientists improve their processes to work faster and better? Find out some behind the scenes tips in this episode of Data Point of View. Guest Sunil Saini has both deep experience in data science and financial services and leads the data science team at BharatPe, an Indian leader in FinTech.


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