Mobilewalla Data Ethics


The following principles demonstrate Mobilewalla's commitment to the safe handling and ethical use of consumer data.  These principles define how we ensure the quality and integrity of our data and business services while respecting consumer privacy and consent. 

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Our Principles for Ethical Data Collection, Use, and Governance


1.  Privacy and consent compliant use of consumer data

Mobilewalla’s data governance program protects both the consumer and our customer:

  • Our data is sourced through partners that meet rigorous criteria and warrant that the data is collected lawfully and with consumer consent, and that they will make us aware of any consent requests so we may honor those as well.
  • Our data is stored in an aggregated state. We do not have personally identifiable information such as name, address, phone number, social security number, etc. Our data is non-identifiable to a specific person.
  • We adhere to voluntary industry standards restricting the use, sale, or transfer of location data related to sensitive points of interest.
  • We protect the use of our data against discrimination and harmful biases purposes to the best of our ability by having our customers complete a data use survey so we can better understand how they will be using Mobilewalla data.
  • We take multiple steps during our data ingestion process to ensure compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). 
  • We honor opt-out, data deletion, do not track (DNT), do not sell, consent withdrawals, and any other similar user requests received from our data partners, through our website and industry groups such as the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).

Are you a California resident? You have rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to stop the “sale, sharing or use” of your personal information.


2.  Explainable and transparent

We believe data collection and its purpose should be communicated in plain language and easily understood.

  • Our Business Services Privacy Policy explains to businesses and consumers how the information received and hosted by Mobilewalla is used, including:
    • Aggregated device information
    • Aggregated property information
    • General location information
    • General user demographics
  • We are transparent in which data sets we provide to clients and their appropriate use-cases. Our services are used for but not limited to:
    • Advertising and marketing services
    • Data enrichment for our client’s internal data
    • Maintain and improve Mobilewalla’s business services
    • Data research and modeling


For a further in-depth description of the data collected and what we do with our business data, refer to our Business Services Privacy Policy to learn more. →


3.  Accountability of our data

We practice our outlined governance principles to hold ourselves accountable for these standards. By doing so, as we provide our services, we adopt a level of risk management, transparency, and protection of our data to avoid any potential misuse by our partners or Mobilewalla. 


4.  Data security and privacy compliance

We respect the rights of consumers and aim to instill trust in how we handle their data and honor their consent. 

By working with a trusted data partner, businesses remain compliant with regional, national and international privacy laws. Find out how else you can prevent privacy mandates from impacting your marketing strategy.


Our commitment to these principles

These principles serve as a written commitment to a fair, open, and transparent partnership with our clients and partners as a promise to work as a safe and ethically responsible data provider.

The Mobilewalla team is committed to integrating our principles into our day-to-day work. As the data and AI landscape evolve, we will continue to adapt our thinking and these principles to maintain our company values. We aim to become a trustworthy leader in ethical data and ensure a safe and viable data future for the benefit of both clients and consumers.


Last Updated: September 20, 2023