Shine a light on the cross channel customer

Map customer engagement across channels using the mobile ID as a persistent key.

To provide a meaningful experience you need the ability to recognize and identify customers as they interact with you  across channels and over time. While many of these interactions are visible to you, those that aren't visible leave you with an incomplete picture of your consumer. 


Mobilewalla helps you understand individual interactions across channels so you can create a consistent consumer identity.  Activity can be associated with online and offline behavior and used to map the path to purchase helping to better understand customer journeys and the effectiveness of advertising spend.

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Mobilewalla Offerings

Data Enrichment

Build a more complete picture of customers and gain an unparalleled understanding of consumer behavior.


Audience Segments

Identify and reach the most valuable customers and prospects with campaign-specific audiences.



Insights that help you make better business decisions that drive results.

Building A Persistent Customer Identity

Building A Persistent Customer Identity: Strategies for Success

Learn how to gain insight from the activity of customers and prospects, online and offline, to increase customer acquisition and retention.


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