Customer Analytics

Mobilewalla helps marketers, business analysts, brands, and advertisers identify and build privacy-safe consumer profiles for enhanced customer analytics. Based on evolving patterns in app usage, behavior, locations, and interests, users can extract key consumer insights for improved campaign performance.

What Is Customer Analytics?

Customer analytics is the data and processes that give organizations valuable insights into customer behaviors. These insights help to inform marketing initiatives, making them more relevant to consumers needs, values, and lifecycle stages in the customer journey. By targeting the right person with the right content at the right time, marketers can significantly improve marketing performance, generating more customers and increasing marketing ROI.

Marketers and advertisers are always looking for ways to enhance customer analytics to create a clear picture of their ideal customers and how to best market to them. Unfortunately, not all customer analytics tools are built equally. Some platforms provide more robust consumer intelligence, drawing from vast pools of historical data, while others may only scratch the surface in monitoring simple website metrics.

Enhancing Customer Analytics with Consumer Intelligence

Consumer intelligence platforms like Mobilewalla provide powerful tools used by marketers and advertisers to leverage customer analytics. Consumer intelligence platforms can increase the value of existing customer data with behavioral and location-based insights, providing marketers and advertisers a deeper look into who their customers are in terms of where they frequent, how they behave, what their interests are, and more.

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Mobilewalla also protects paid advertising efforts using mobile ad fraud detection and AI technology. By detecting anomalies in consumer data, users can prevent unnecessary ad spend in programmatic buying and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Anomaly Detection in Mobile Programmatic

Leveraging Location and Mobile Data in Customer Analytics

Mobilewalla analyzes, stores, and accesses the most extensive collection of mobile data, spanning 1.5B devices across 31 countries. This data includes mobile device linkages to location, IP address, mobile apps, Telecom carrier mappings, and more to maximize the effectiveness of mobile marketing practices. Marketers can harness the power of location-based marketing and mobile marketing to enhance customer analytics, unlock insights into consumer behavior, and pinpoint key audience segments.

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