Sample Data Sets

Comprehensive, Structured Data for Predictive Modeling and Data Enrichment


Mobilewalla maintains the most comprehensive repository of highly predictive consumer data,
which includes both device- and user-related attributes and features.
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Sample Data Sets

We provide 6 different data sets making our data easy to use across a wide range of business, marketing and data science applications.

Download a data set to see the fields, and sample data available within each data set.

Download our free sample data to better understand the breadth and depth of Mobilewalla data and see how it might fit into your third-party data strategy.


Core Data

Mobilewalla Core Data is keyed on the Mobile Advertiser ID (MAID) and includes device-specific information on systems (device ID, operating system, handset), app usage, connectivity (provider, connection type, IP address), location, and more.


Aggregated Data

Mobilewalla Aggregated Data compiles the core data elements into more manageable data sets to create a better fit for many use cases and to reduce processing costs. The data set has four primary objects: app, location, carrier, and device, each aggregated on a daily or monthly basis.


Audience Segment Data

Leveraging data surrounding app usage, demographics, and location, Mobilewalla uses machine learning techniques to group devices by specific demographic and behavioral segments and targeting criteria. Ideal for programmatic advertising, we have more than 200 syndicated audience segments available.


Feature Mart

The Mobilewalla Feature Mart is a collection of sophisticated, highly predictive features that help data scientists improve the feature engineering process and build more accurate and predictive machine learning models.


Places of Interest Data

Mobilewalla has mapped over 50+ million places of interest. Useful for footfall analysis, cross-channel attribution studies, and more, the POI Data Schema contains base information about a specific location including the primary category and up to four subcategories.


Household Data

Mobilewalla Household outputs addressable household insights, at scale, that reveals detailed nuanced information about each household and its members. This includes demographic distribution, devices through which telecom services are consumed, time series recording of carrier connection to each device, the type of each connection and other metadata both internally and externally.


Streamlined Data Delivery

Data sets can be purchased together or separately depending on your business needs. They are available in various forms to easily integrate with existing internal systems via system-to-system transfers.

We support leading cloud platforms:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

Our data can also be accessed through various demand side and data management platforms at a frequency that makes the most sense for your business.

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