Data Schemas & Sample Data Sets

The Mobilewalla Data Repository



Mobilewalla has the most comprehensive repository of consumer data in the industry:


  • 1.6 billion unique mobile devices in over 35 different countries
  • More than 25B signals daily
  • Over four years of data history

We collect data from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, the ad tech ecosystem, other third-party data providers, and application publishers.


Data Schemas & Sample Data

Our data is keyed on the mobile advertiser ID (MAID) and includes attributes related to the device, system usage and connectivity as well as user demographics, behavior, and location information.

Mobilewalla data includes four primary data sets: Core Data, Aggregated Data, Places of Interest (POI) and Audience Segments. Click each link to view the associated data schema and request a data sample.


Core Data


Aggregated Data


Places of Interest Data


Audience Segment Data

Data Delivery

Data sets can be purchased together or separately depending on your business needs. They are available in various forms to easily integrate with existing internal systems via system-to-system transfers.

We support leading cloud platforms:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

Our data can also be accessed through various demand side and data management platforms at a frequency that makes the most sense for your business.

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