Consumer Data

Mobilewalla collects consumer data from over 1.5 billion devices across over 30 countries worldwide. A large percentage of the consumer data comes from the ad tech ecosystem. Whenever a consumer opens an ad-enabled app on a mobile device, a signal is sent to the network to show an advertisement on the requesting app.

Mobilewalla also has data partnerships with other third-party data providers including application publishers, the data from these providers adds to our robust data set. By gaining access to our growing repository of current and historical data, enterprises, and agencies can:

  • Build a better understanding of their current customers by enhancing their first-party data
  • Increase audience engagement and sales through more personalized experiences
  • Model their high-value customers and develop deeper, more sophisticated audience segments
  • Discover audience insights and trends

What Is Consumer Data?

Consumer data is information collected from sources such as social media platforms, websites, online browsing, mobile app usage, purchase history, and preferences. Mobilewalla uses consumer data to help companies enhance their existing customer data to build high-performing marketing strategies and stronger customer relationships.

We collect and persist years of consumer mobile data at scale. This data is enhanced continuously to develop high-quality audience segments and provide insight into the customer journey indicating long-term buying trends and future needs.

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How Consumer Data Gives Marketers A Competitive Advantage

Enterprises gain a competitive advantage by maximizing the use of their customer data analytics to understand their best customers building more robust consumer profiles and better leveraging data segments for marketing success. Marketers can even maximize their location-based marketing efforts using mobile data to make the right advertising decisions and create additional value for customers.

By leveraging Mobilewalla’s consumer intelligence analytics, marketers can create highly tailored audience segments from their robust consumer data repository. This allows marketers to provide hyper-relevant content to consumers which can help brands gain and retain customers as well as improve advertising strategies to maximize ROI.

Limitations To Collecting Your Own Consumer Data

Most companies are already collecting consumer data; however, it’s typically limited to simple demographic information. Developing advanced parameters and deeper consumer data insights require data from additional sources, dedicated resources, tools, training, and knowledgeable data analysts.

Brands Benefit From Mobilewalla’s Enhanced Consumer Data

By working with a DMP partner like Mobilewalla, enterprises can gain access to consumer intelligence data that is otherwise unavailable, allowing marketers to reach consumers during the appropriate stage of their “buyer’s journey.” This enables marketers to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time for a higher conversion rate.

Discover how you can maximize returns on marketing investments, enhance the customer experience, and get a stronger return on invest by unlocking Mobilewalla’s repository of unparalleled consumer data.

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