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5 Strategies to Leverage Data Segments for Marketing

With the enormous and endlessly growing amount of data available to businesses for analytics, data segments are becoming an essential consideration in product marketing.

Segmented data can be extremely effective when used in marketing efforts helping a company better understand their customers and make sense of advertising campaign results. By filtering out the white noise from the relevant information, businesses can use that information to create actionable insights for a deeper understanding of the consumer lifecycle.

Data segments help businesses deliver the most suitable message to different portions of an audience, with each segment corresponding to specific customer interests and needs.

By speaking directly to the needs of different customer groups, applied data segments can improve consumer engagement and overall customer experience. Marketers can use data segments for data analytics to enhance reach, efficiency, and ROI of marketing campaigns.

To make the most of data segments in advertising, businesses should:

1. Create Tactical Customer Personas

A marketer can use audience segments to create a persona: a highly detailed, imaginary representation of a single customer. A persona helps a marketer to define different segments of an audience, to better visualize which types of campaigns best appeal to customers with different preferences. The most effective personas are developed based on unique company and industry insights, diligent research, and a true understanding of your ideal buyer.

One study found that using marketing personas made websites 2-5 times more useful and easier to use for targeted campaigns. A series of tactical personas can be used to guide marketing, advertising, and promotional offers.

2. Highly Individualized Product Discounts Or Coupons

92% of shoppers use coupons, which means that people are seeking discounts, and open to redeem special offers. A marketer can use data on past customer behavior to tailor a discount or product offer to a specific segment of the audience: some may be more likely to redeem a cash-back offer, others a rebate or in-store coupon.

Data segmentation, combined with A/B testing can help a marketer determine the optimal offer that will appeal to different types of customers.

3. Email Marketing

Email is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available, as a method of reaching a wide audience divided into different groups through data segmentation.

Bulk email marketing has a high ROI for marketing, but segmented and focused campaigns have an even higher value. A recent study found that segmented email marketing campaigns achieved a 14.31% higher open rate and 100.95% higher click-through rates than non-segmented campaigns. Segmenting improves the effectiveness and ROI of existing email marketing campaigns.

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4. Landing Page Segmentation

Using data segmentation to create a smart content on landing pages or other website pages can help to engage a customer visiting your website by presenting a different message to site visitors based on characteristics of their search, history, geographic location or persona.

Not only is a focused message more effective at converting potential customers, but a personalized web page can also provide additional data from shoppers, to further improve data analytics and insights.

5. Retargeting

Using data segmentation, marketers can reach out to people that have already shown interest in their brand or products and craft a message to appeal to and convert potential customers.

Generic retargeting involves contacting a potential customer who has visited a brand or product website, without conversion. These customers can be divided into groups by past behavior, the time frame in which they were most recently active, the product viewed, demographic or geographic qualifiers, mobile data or any other relevant data analytics that can be used to increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Data segments can help marketers deepen the understanding of customer needs and expectations. With this intelligence, efforts can be redirected to meeting those needs and improving the customer experience with personalized messaging and offers.

A superior customer experience is good for businesses as well, increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and ROI of marketing campaigns. Applied data segmentation is becoming an important component of the marketer’s toolkit, improving the reach, quality, and value of marketing campaigns by appealing to individual customers with 1-to-1, integrated, personalized messaging.

Mobilewalla offers syndicated and customizable audience segments from thousands of buyer data points. We model this data, collected over three years, into specific audiences to help marketing agencies deliver the right message to the right consumers. Our data spans more than 30 countries and 1.5 billion devices to offer agencies the most accurate information needed to reach out to their ideal buyers.

Request a demo with a Mobilewalla data expert to learn how audience segments can improve your companies advertising efforts.

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