Consumer Profiles

Mobilewalla collects comprehensive consumer information and interactions across channels to provide marketers, brands, and agencies with highly effective and privacy-safe consumer profiles. By leveraging in-depth consumer profiles, businesses can produce more successful marketing campaigns, deliver greater innovation, and improve overall customer experiences.

What are Consumer Profiles?

A consumer profile is a compilation of consumer information, including demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral data, to create a detailed understanding of consumers for marketing and research purposes. By grouping, enriching, and analyzing customer data into unique consumer profiles, marketers and data analysts can better pinpoint opportunities for improvement in targeting, messaging and other strategic initiatives to increase ROI and marketing performance.

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Business Benefits of Building Consumer Profiles

Today’s consumers demand more from brands than ever before. They expect highly personalized communications that speak to their in-the-moment wants and needs and an exceptional customer experience. Through consumer profiles, enterprise businesses can:

  • Better understand, serve, and segment audiences with personalized experiences;
  • Optimize advertising spend with the most effective use of budget;
  • Create look-a-like audiences to increase customer acquisition and expand reach;
  • Identify opportunities for growth, problem-solving, and innovation.

Building Better Consumer Profiles With Proven Consumer Intelligence

To provide a meaningful customer experience, marketers and data analysts need to recognize and identify customers as they interact with brands across channels and over time. Without visibility and an accurate consolidation of these individuals' interactions, brands are left with an incomplete picture of customer engagement.

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Building consumer profiles is highly beneficial for businesses facing fragmented or incomplete consumer data across channels. In an era where data is king, enterprises that are able to quickly aggregate accurate customer data and build in-depth consumer profiles can gain the customer intelligence and agility needed for a competitive advantage.

Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence solutions provider, helping enterprises gain a competitive edge by enhancing existing customer data with advanced data enrichment techniques to build highly accurate and consumer profiles. By leveraging the most comprehensive data repository of consumer data, Mobilewalla creates persistent consumer identities that deliver a fuller understanding of individual interactions across channels.

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