Audience Segmentation

How Mobile Audience Segmentation Helps You Reach Your Most Profitable Customers

Mobile Audience Segmentation for Marketers

Knowing as much information about your potential customers is paramount to any business that provides products and/or services. With continuous growth in mobile consumerism, marketers and advertisers need to meet consumers where they are – on their mobile devices.

To maximize the profitability of mobile marketing campaigns, marketers need to understand who their ideal customer is and how best to reach them. Mobile audience segmentation organizes audiences into categories, subcategories, and groups. This action allows marketers and advertisers to tailor personalized communications and promotions that are relevant to their attributes.

Marketers can group audience segments in a multitude of ways, and they should do so with the ideal buyer in mind. Here are four common attributes marketers can use to segment mobile audiences:

1. Demographics

Demographics are the most common way to sort audience members. It includes grouping according to age, sex, income, and family circumstances (married, single, homeowner, renter, etc).

2. Behavior

Tracking mobile behaviors can offer insight into how audience members engage with apps, products, and brands. Behavioral mobile data can include app usage, ad click-through rates, interest in specific content, social media activity, or communication preferences.

3. Geographical

Geographical audience segmentation hones in on a consumer’s physical location. This data is essential for attracting audiences to a specific site, targeting specific geographic areas, and also providing additional insights into consumer behavior.

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4. Attitude

The attitude of consumers refers to their values, personal interests, lifestyle choices, and user sentiment. It can offer insights into the tone of your content, uncover brand propensity, and help advertisers get into their customer’s frame of mind.

Reach Your Most Profitable Customers

Marketers need to establish criteria for the customers they find to be the most profitable and build out corresponding audience segments. With highly-targeted campaigns, potential buyers can turn into customers and current customers into loyal brand advocates, again and again.

To increase the success of mobile marketing efforts, consumer intelligence platforms, like Mobilewalla, allow marketers to extract key mobile audience segmentation attributes for a deeper understanding of ideal consumers. Highly targeted campaigns will have a better chance of resonating with consumers, helping to eliminate budget waste and improve profits.

Mobilewalla is a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions, leveraging the industry’s most robust consumer data set and deep artificial intelligence expertise to better understand what drives the customer journey. Our proprietary solutions provide enterprises with rich insights into consumer behavior helping them to more effectively attract, identify, understand and retain their most desired customers.

To learn how to reach your most profitable customers through audience segmentation, visit our solutions page or connect with a Mobilewalla data expert now.

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Mobilewalla is a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions, leveraging the industry’s most robust consumer data set and deep artificial intelligence expertise. Our refined consumer insights provide enterprises with unparalleled access to the digital and offline behavior patterns of customers, prospects, and competition.

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