Third-Party Data

Mobilewalla provides enterprises and agencies with raw intelligence data and analyzed audience segments to better guide their marketing strategies and help identify lucrative target populations for their campaigns.

With the largest breadth of collected consumer data in the digital marketing environment, Mobilewalla’s insights provide its customers with a comprehensive view of their consumers, allowing data users to deliver a more personalized and effective messaging. 

Mobilewalla collects and organizes third-party data that companies can use to better tailor ads to reach the right audience at the right time using the right channel and most effective messaging. Artificial intelligence aggregates data so recipients can better identify, understand, and predict audience preferences.

What is Third-Party Data?

Third-party data is information collected by companies that don’t have a direct relationship with consumers. This information is usually licensed or purchased from a third-party data vendor or a data management platform (DMP) partner who compiles visitor information, such as browsing behavior or real-world interactions. As a consumer moves around they continue to generate anonymous data, which can be used to better inform companies of their preferences and habits.

Unlike first-party data, third-party data is aggregated from multiple sources and allows greater scalability that one source of data can’t match. Once the data is collected, a DMP partner can break down audiences into targetable populations, saving companies the time it would take to analyze and identify those groups. 

Why Do You Need Third-Party Data? 

Companies can use third-party data to better target audiences likely to purchase their product and tailor marketing campaigns to best engage those populations. Third-party information also helps businesses identify new audiences to explore and better understand existing audiences to improve engagement and marketing ROI.  

Other benefits include:

  • Increasing the results of marketing campaigns
  • Increasing revenue from more products or services sold
  • Enhancing first-party research

Who Needs Third-Party Data? 

The benefits of third-party data are not limited to just one industry. While the use of the data will vary, the collected consumer information is a valuable asset to any marketing team in virtually any industry.  

Example industries that can leverage third-party data include: 

  • Retail and eCommerce:  Better understand customer habits and offer more personalized shopping experiences.
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  • Quick Service Dining and Restaurants: Analyze competitive store visitation trends and guest overlap.
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  • Telco and Consumer Technology:  Extract accurate and updated information on device type, carrier, operating systems.
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  • Market Research and Consulting: Strengthen existing research and understand the behavior, interests, and demographics of each consumer at scale.
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  • Commercial Real Estate:  Make more informed decisions regarding new market opportunities.

How Do I Get Third-Party Data? 

Third-party data vendors collect anonymous consumer data in several formats and from multiple platforms, including mobile data sources and website cookies. Every data source feeds into larger repositories that DMP partners can filter to provide organizations with what they need to best inform their marketing strategies.

Mobilewalla analyzes and collects mobile data from 1.3 billion devices across 31 countries. Having access to information on where consumers travel to and visit better strengthens location-based marketing strategies, which can help enterprises design campaigns that zero in on people who live in, or visit, a particular venue or area.


Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence platform that provides third-party data to help companies better target audiences and make more informed customer-centric decisions. Using third-party data, enterprise clients and agencies can gain powerful insights into their ideal audiences. 

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