Customer Intelligence

Mobilewalla provides customer intelligence data to agencies, data analysts, marketers, and partners so they can deliver the best content when and where customers are ready to make a purchase.

By capturing hundreds of millions of data points, Mobilewalla unlocks enhanced buyer knowledge to drive successful, targeted marketing campaigns. 

What Is Customer Intelligence?

Customer intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing customer data from multiple sources to understand not only who they are, but what actions they take and why. Marketers can utilize customer intelligence data to gather insights and optimize campaigns to increase marketing ROI.

By taking traditional market research to the next level, customer intelligence gives context and meaning to data so that marketers, data analysts, and business leaders can make more informed decisions.

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Maximizing Marketing Performance with Customer Intelligence

Marketers and data analysts can leverage Mobilewalla’s customer intelligence insights to reach target audiences with the right messaging, medium and timing. These optimized campaigns help to increase customer engagement and maximize returns.

Build Accurate Customer Profiles

Mobilewalla’s customer intelligence analytics provides a deeper understanding of why, where, when, and how consumers are interacting with businesses. By building accurate and updated consumer profiles and audience segments, marketers and data analysts are able to hone in on ideal buyers and the best ways to engage them further.

Enrich Customer Profiles with Mobile Data

More than ever, consumers are using mobile devices to interact with their favorite brands, make purchases, share content, and much more. Mobile data provides insights into consumer behaviors including foot traffic, competitor engagement, and brand affinity.

Mobilewalla delivers customer intelligence enriched with mobile data from over 1.5 billion devices, allowing marketers and data analysts to make accurate and informed business decisions that improve marketing performance and increase ROI.

Discover New Customers Using Lookalike Audiences

Mobilewalla’s data enrichment solutions not only helps marketers and data analysts build sophisticated, individualized customer profiles, but can also help discover lookalike audiences. Businesses can reach new customers with similar attributes of their ideal buyers and target them with increased accuracy while maximizing marketing ROI.  

Partner with a Trusted Customer Intelligence Provider

Are you leveraging your existing data to its fullest potential? In-house Customer data enrichment can be an expensive and laborious process that doesn’t allow for agile decision-making. By partnering with third-party customer intelligence experts like Mobilewalla, businesses and brands are about to quickly gain the consumers' insights needed to increase business agility and cultivate innovation.

Mobilewalla is a trusted customer intelligence provider with the most comprehensive repository of consumer information in the digital marketing ecosystem. We help marketers and data analysts gain rich insights into consumer behavior and demographics, allowing them to more effectively attract and retain their most desired customers.

To learn more about using customer intelligence to maximize the power of your marketing campaigns, contact us today.

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