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Improve Advertising And Build Effective Consumer Profiles With Mobile Data

Mobile data insights can make or break present-day advertising campaigns. Their use for optimizing advertising campaigns has become one of the most valuable mobile marketing tools available today. However, many brands haven’t yet unlocked the valuable audience insights gained from analyzing mobile data to inform their campaigns.

If your company hasn’t taken advantage of mobile data analytics and insights, there’s a good chance your competitors haven’t utilized these analytics to power their campaigns either.

It’s a good time to start, especially as mobile usage continues to grow at an astounding rate. Brands are quickly learning that advertising powered by mobile data is an essential aspect of digital advertising as audience insights can help enterprises, brands, and agencies bolster first-part datasets for more productive and robust engagement of consumers and their behavior.

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Common Problems With Typical Digital Ad Campaigns

  • Creating ads that aren’t relevant to consumer needs

  • Not having insight into where the consumer is in their purchasing journey

In other words, audience engagement needs to be accurate, or your ads won’t be effective. To achieve this, you need to create consumer profiles that take mobile behavior data into account.

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Mobile Data Delivers Actionable Consumer Intelligence

Mobile behavior data analytics can help brands make intelligent predictions about how consumers will react to their message. For example, data harnessed from mobile activity can help with predictive analytics and provide specific information about the buyer journey. It can also highlight when a consumer might be ready to make a purchase.

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Building Effective Customer Profiles With Mobile Data Insights:

  1. Identify Your Messaging and Audience Scope

    Ask yourself which type of consumers your brand needs to be speaking with. Then determine the messaging that will resonate with them by identifying their main problem and the solution your brand brings to the table.

  2. Research Your Ideal Consumers

    Researching your ideal consumers’ mobile behavioral data needs to account for more than just online activity. It needs to consider usage across social media, apps, along with location and visitation patterns. These mobile data insights can be helpful in knowing where to place your advertisements.

  3. Build Your Consumer Profiles

    Review the mobile data of your brand personas to determine the consumer lifecycle. In addition to using demographic data, ask the following questions to discover customer mobile behaviors:

    • How do they go about finding products and brand information?
    • How do they research products and brands?
    • How do they purchase products?
    • Where are they located? Do they travel? What are patterns in their mobile behaviors?

Accurate consumer profiles are built using a variety of tools, including big data techniques, machine learning, and AI. Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence platform that helps enrich existing customer data assets to help brands engage consumers via highly differentiated buyer profiles.

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Mobilewalla's Approach to Mobile Data Insights

  • App Usage: Downloads only tell part of the story. Usage patterns keep you in sync with audiences.

  • Location: Consumers are mobile. Mobilewalla builds nuanced, comprehensive consumer profiles for marketers and data analysts to reach customers at the right time and place with location-based marketing and consumer behavioral analytics.

  • Persistence: Only Mobilewalla stores, analyzes and accesses more than two years of consumer data, building a long-term profile of where your customer has been and where they’re going.

Connect with a Mobilewalla data expert to learn more about how to leverage mobile data insights to reach key audience segments for advertising or enrich your existing data to build new products.

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