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Mobilewalla offers marketers, brands, and advertisers a vast repository of data insights and audience segmentation for powerful campaign targeting and analysis via Data Management Platforms (DMPs). Working with Mobilewalla as your DMP partner can enhance the value of your data management platform.

What Is A DMP Partner?

To understand the role of a DMP partner, one must first understand the data management platforms. A data management platform (DMP) is a centralized system for collecting and utilizing large sets of first, second, and third-party data from many different sources to implement audience-specific marketing campaigns.

A DMP partner typically provides data segments, or raw data, to enrich existing data within a platform. DMP partners can offer fresh, untapped insights into different buyer profiles for advertising, or to enhance their audience segments for marketing or researcher use.

Why Work With A DMP Partner?

DMP partners that provide integrations which enhance DMP data offerings to clients and offer new audience segments for market testing, add additional value to DMPs.

In addition, partnerships between DMPs and consumer intelligence data providers like Mobilewalla, often result in tremendous value. Advertisers have access to millions of consumer data points and audience segments which they can customize and test in marketing campaigns.

Resources are better channeled for maximum results by determining the best-performing audiences and eliminating efforts spent on buyers who might not be a good fit.

Anomaly Detection in Mobile Programmatic

Why Choose Mobilewalla As Your DMP Partner?

Mobilewalla provides mobile app-usage data from its data repository, paired with two years of geo-locational insights to create a long-term profile mapping a population’s life journey. DMPs can collaborate with Mobilewalla in two ways: white-labeling and ready-made or custom-built segments.

More on Mobilewalla Partnerships with DMPs:

White-labeling gives DMP providers the power to purchase and distribute Mobilewalla’s data with their own research and insights. Alternatively, DMP providers can access ready-made or custom-built audience segments to enrich and leverage their own first-party data with third-party data for a more expansive look at specific consumer behaviors.

Mobilewalla’s privacy-compliant consumer data insights give partners unparalleled quality, global distribution opportunities, unlimited scale, and vertical industry capabilities.

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