Data Management Platform

Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence data management platform (DMP) that helps marketers, brands, and agencies leverage data analytics to run highly-effective marketing campaigns at scale.

A data management platform is a centralized system for collecting, analyzing, managing and utilizing large sets of first, second, and third-party data from numerous sources to enhance marketing campaigns for specific audience segments.

As consumer data has grown exponentially over recent years, it has become challenging for agencies, advertisers, and marketers to organize and extract valuable insights from raw data sets. By leveraging data management platform tools provided by a DMP partner, like Mobilewalla, businesses can enrich existing data with new insights and better segment buyer profiles.

With the consumer intelligence derived from data management platforms, advertisers have access to endless amounts of consumer data points and audience segments to make smarter media buying and campaign planning decisions. Consumer data also helps to further enhance audience segments for higher ad relevance and personalization.

Leveraging Mobile Data

Data management platforms are especially helpful in leveraging mobile data as more and more consumers shop and interact with brands on mobile devices. Consumer behavior insights from DMPs enhance the accuracy and relevance of mobile programmatic buying, helping mobile advertisers place relevant ads at the right time and place for better engagement.

With Mobilewalla’s comprehensive repository of consumer audience segments, geolocational information, and mobile app-usage data, marketers can achieve 1-to-1 addressability of consumers in mobile ads.

Mobilewalla Helps Data Management Platform Partners

Data management platform partners can collaborate with Mobilewalla to leverage consumer intelligence analytics and gain a better understanding of consumer behavior. They can also access ready-made or custom-built audience segments to enhance their first-party data with third-party data.

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