For Data Management Platform (DMPs)

Enhance the value of first-party consumer data for advertisers and brands

Mobilewalla provides marketers with a vast repository of data insights and audience segmentation via Data Management Platforms.

Often, DMP standalone data is difficult to sort, sell, and segment as a single offering, with valuable information commonly missing.

Mobilewalla works as a strategic partner with some of the world’s largest Data Management Platforms and data providers to offer robust mobile audience segments and enhance consumer data.

We are a mobile-first, global company. 

Oracle Data Cloud

With Mobilewalla, DMPs can complete and build upon their existing data to create more robust, comprehensive profiles of their consumers.

The Mobilewalla methodology observes behaviors over long periods of times to analyze app usage and build robust consumer profiles. This third-party data from Mobilewalla gives ad buyers insight into trends in consumer behavior and buying patterns to improve mobile advertising efforts and budgeting across the world.

DMPs can choose to work with Mobilewalla in two ways:

  1. Whitelabeling - Our data is your data. DMPs can utilize our audience segments and to sell as their own information.

  2. Ready-Made or Custom-Built Segments: Select to purchase Mobilewalla data separately

The combination of in-depth first-party data on the DMP side, with expansive third-party data from Mobilewalla, informs consumer behavior patterns to analyze gender, location, age, and more. However, our segments are localized to reflect the region. 

Our services enable marketers and brands to be in control of who sees their ads, when they see it and track how successful their initiatives are.

Discover how Mobilewalla can enhance and enrich DMP data and segments.

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