Programmatic Buying

Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence platform that enhances the programmatic buying process for advertising efforts and protects businesses against ad fraud. Our comprehensive data repositories on consumer behavior enable agencies and enterprises to launch programmatic advertising campaigns that are highly personalized to optimize conversion potential.

What is Programmatic Buying

As more businesses adopt online advertising as a means of promoting products and services, managing and optimizing the ad buying process through programmatic buying has also grown.

In 2016, 89 percent of surveyed US media and advertising agencies bought media programmatically, using multi-sourced data signals to inform marketers of targeting, optimization, behavioral, and other actionable metrics for stronger advertising decisions.

Managing the digital ad buying and optimization processes can become difficult with the high number of ads to manage, data points to observe, and time it takes to create and distribute ads. Programmatic buying simplifies ad buying for marketers by automating processes and transactions for buying and placing ads on websites and applications.

Advertisers can bid for impressions automatically by establishing set criteria and budgeting information through programmatic advertising platforms. Automation can manage the purchasing, segmentation, and placement of ads in less than a seconds time, saving marketers the headache of manual processes.

Programmatic buying with Mobilewalla delivers additional value to marketers by aggregating audience insights and behavioral data into a single platform. Marketers can then develop advertising strategies on how to best engage specific audience segments. This is especially useful for mobile advertising, a channel that is growing exponentially as the number of mobile devices, applications, and users increase.

Programmatic Ad Fraud

In a 2017 survey, about 36 percent of responding digital ad buyers agreed completely that ensuring brand environment safety for advertising was high priority, while 45 percent somewhat agreed. Ad fraud, a scam in which advertisers are fooled into paying for worthless data or ad services, is costing the advertising industry $7 billion annually, on a global basis.

One downfall of programmatic buying is that automation can lead to low bids on impressions, resulting in ineffective anomalies in ad purchasing, placements, and even ad fraud. To combat this issue, consumer intelligence platforms, like Mobilewalla, are able to distinguish anomalies in programmatic advertising to protect businesses from inaccurate and fraudulent ad activities.

Anomaly Detection in Mobile Programmatic

Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence platform that owns and operates the most comprehensive repository of raw mobile consumer behavior information in the digital marketing ecosystem. Enterprises can access valuable customer analytics as well as refined data about competitors’ users to improve advertising efforts while avoiding ad fraud through Mobilewalla’s anomaly detection techniques.

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