Ebook: 3 Data & Feature Enrichment Solutions to Enhance Predictive Model Quality in Financial Services

Reveal Audience Insights, Increase Predictive Modeling Accuracy, and Match Prospects to Financial Products

Success in financial services relies on the ability to make accurate predictions based on historical data. Access to more data via third-party data enrichment enhances predictive model accuracy and enables a wide range of nuanced predictions that financial firms can leverage to grow their business and avoid risk.

This ebook explores how financial services such as banks, credit firms, and insurance companies can capitalize and expand upon internal databases through data and feature enrichment. Download this document to learn more about:

  • Training predictive models with third-party data features to make better predictions about credit worthiness, financial behavior, product propensity, and more
  • Cross-device identity resolution to reveal audience insights that can be used to drive acquisition and tailor customers’ web experiences toward solutions most likely to fit their needs 
  • High-value customer identification to improve service offerings and reach like prospects

If you’re looking for new ways to scale up your firm’s internal database, enhance machine learning, and give your organization a competitive edge, this eBook is for you. Please fill out the form for access.

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