Data as a Service

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Our platform collects raw consumer data across 31 countries and 1.3 billion mobile devices.

Mobilewalla owns and operates the most comprehensive repository of raw mobile consumer behavior information in the digital marketing ecosystem. Using this raw data, over the past decade, we have developed refined consumer insights that provide enterprises with unparalleled access to digital and offline behavior patterns of their customers, as well as nuanced data about their competitors’ users.

Using location and behavior-based data collected over time, Mobilewalla enables enterprises and brands to build a complete picture of their current and potential customers and connect with them when and where they are ready to engage.

Valuable Consumer Attributes we Collect and Compute:

System Data

Device ID, OS, Handset, OS version

Demographic Data

Age, Gender, has kids

Connectivity Data

Cell/Broadband Provider, Connection Type, IP address

Location Data

Lat/Long, City, DMA, Home/Office address, location-based interests

Usage Data

Apps used, time of access

Behavioral Data

Fashion, auto enthusiast, shopper

Engage your customers when they’re ready to buy - exactly where they are.

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