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What is Geo-Behavioral Advertising?

Researching ideal consumer profiles is an important first step to launching a successful marketing campaign. However, making generalizations about consumer behavior does not always yield the results that organizations are looking for. Location data can help localize marketing efforts to reach specific audience segments for a higher return on investment.

Geo-behavioral advertising is a location-based marketing strategy that leverages location and consumer behavior data to reach desired populations.

Geo-behavioral data allows companies to create ideal consumer profiles for marketing initiatives around the globe. Customer profiles are developed through extensive research about their mobile activity, purchasing habits, and messaging that will resonate with them using tools such as big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

For instance, retail companies can display appropriate in-season clothing for audiences who are in winter climates while showing summer wear for buyers who live in hotter climates.

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Benefits of Geo-Behavioral Advertising

Beyond identifying ideal customers in specific regions, geo-behavioral advertising allows organizations to use a marketing approach that appeals to customers based on their own actions.

Organizations can gain valuable audience insights from information including how many times consumers have visited a webpage, what products interest them, how they arrived on your site, where they are located, and whether they are using a mobile device or a computer to browse or make purchases. Understanding how customers interact with organizations, products, and services, can help drive more successful customer engagement.

Benefits Of Geo-Behavioral Advertising Include:

1. Higher Engagement

Customers are more likely to engage with advertisements that speak directly to their needs. Using language and examples that are region-specific can build a connection between a company and consumer.

2. Improved Click-Through Rate

Advertisements that address consumers directly are more likely to improve their click-through rate and in turn create more business opportunities.

3. Greater Return On Investment

Companies can spend their advertising budget more effectively because, by knowing exactly who their ideal buyer is, those personas are more likely to need that company’s product or services – not spending valuable resources on audiences who might not be the right fit.

Customers feel a greater connection with a company who can speak directly to their needs and address them with a viable solution. Generalized marketing campaigns help cast a wide net but they do not necessarily speak to those who would be truly interested in your products and services. Geo-behavioral advertising delivers the personalized messaging that customers crave specific to where they live.

Effective Audience Segments for Geo-Behavioral Advertising

Mobilewalla is a consumer intelligence provider specializing in capturing behavioral patterns in mobile app usage to distill the consumer landscape into syndicated and custom audience segments, corresponding to nuanced buying patterns for highly-effective geo-behavioral advertising.

Spanning 1.5 billion mobile devices in 31 countries, Mobilewalla’s data and audience segments provide the insights brands and agencies need to drive marketing and advertising decisions on the local level for greater engagement. Thousands of consumer data points are modeled into any number of campaign-specific audiences to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Talk to a Mobilewalla data expert to learn more about leveraging geo-behavioral advertising to ensure that your next advertising campaign is a success.

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