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Good Location Data Is Hard To Find. We Can Help! 

Discover Clean, Privacy Compliant Data From A Partner You Can Count On

Mobilewalla gives you access to privacy compliant data from high-quality suppliers with:

  • Device IDs
  • Latitude/longitude
  • Time/date stamps 
  • And many more hard-to-find data points that can be used to enrich your existing data and improve the performance of your machine learning models. 

Plus, our accurate location data at scale is backed by a team to support you and ensure your success.

Explore the industry’s most comprehensive mobility data set 

  • 2.2 billion unique devices across 40 different countries, 75B+ signals daily, with over five years of data history
  • Collected from the ad tech ecosystem, third-party data providers, app publishers, and other sources
  • Cleansed and maintained with a combination of deterministic, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques

Mobilewalla’s accurate, high-quality data provides the ideal input for creating profiles, performing data analysis, training predictive models, and more.

Available Data Samples:

  • Core Data -  keyed on the Mobile Advertiser ID (MAID) and includes device-specific information on systems (device ID, operating system, handset), app usage, connectivity (provider, connection type, IP address), location, and more.

  • Aggregated Data - data set has four primary objects: app, location, carrier, and device, each aggregated on a daily or monthly basis.

  • Feature Mart - a collection of sophisticated, highly predictive features that help data scientists improve the feature engineering process and build more accurate and predictive machine learning models.

  • Places of Interest Data - over 50+ million places of interest. Useful for footfall analysis, cross-channel attribution studies, and information about a specific location, including the primary category and up to four subcategories.




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