Radius of Gyration

The commercial value of understanding individual motion is substantial.

Magnitude and patterns of mobility are powerful predictors of human behavior and it is important for marketers and data scientists to have a metric, that captures degrees and patterns of mobility.

  • To be useful, this metric needs to be applicable at a micro level, for individuals, and at macro levels, for households, cities, counties, states, and countries.
  • To be effective this metric needs to analyze long-term data (months, quarters, years) to screen out anomalous behaviors (like taking a week of vacation) and to be able to screen out exception case behaviors (such as New Orleans during Mardi Gras week).

Mobilewalla has developed such a metric, called the Radius of Gyration (ROG). ROG applies to entities at various levels, both as individual as well as macro granularities. It has been designed by applying big data techniques on massive amounts of longitudinal individual movement data at population scales.

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