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Social Isolation Metrics for COVID-19 Spread Prediction

See an example of how AI and data can be used to understand and predict the spread of COVID-19. 

Data and AI technologies are being used in new ways to battle COVID-19, particularly in countries that adopt a scientific approach to public health. Data scientists are leveraging third-party data to create machine learning models to predict infection rates, which in turn can inform decisions about resource needs and allocation.

In this video, Anindya Datta, Mobilewalla Founder and CEO takes you through an example showing the correlation of Mobilewalla Social Isolation Metrics and COVID-19 spread for two counties in Washington State. 

The video covers the impact of:

1. Measuring social isolation by observing individual mobility
2. Identifying clusters of more than a certain number of individuals and identifying the corresponding locations
3. Risk assessment of individuals and locations, at scale, by understanding the movement of infected individuals

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