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How Retail Marketers Use Customer-Focused ID Management to Increase Satisfaction & Profitability

38% of retailers claim they struggle to build a better understanding of their customers and prospects because of their current technology. 

Advanced personalization and ID management technologies enable retailers to pinpoint who their best customers are and proactively engage customers—with greater relevancy, better product recommendations, more engaging content— to improve the user experience and increase revenue. 

In this report, we've partnered with eTail and the WBR Insights research group to survey 100 U.S. retail professionals to help organizations understand:

  • How customer-focused ID management helps retailers increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and profitability

  • How retailers can improve customer experience and engagement among targeted audiences. 

  • Errors often encountered when implementing tools for better data management.

Download our white paper to see how ID management can help engage unique groups collectively and create an inclusive retail shopping environment to improve profitability. 

Download the Report: