6 Data & Feature Enrichment Strategies For Telecommunications Companies

Learn How Telcos Use Third-Party Data to Drive Customer Acquisition & Retention

Competition in the telecommunications sector can be fierce, and while telcos often have valuable first-party data about their own customers, they have few insights into engagement with competitors. Third-party data can fill in these consumer intelligence gaps to help telcos develop more informed strategies surrounding acquisition, retention, and churn risks.

This ebook explores how telcos can capitalize and expand upon internal databases through data and feature enrichment. Download this document to learn more about:

  • Detailed competitive flow share and market share data to drive customer acquisition and retention strategies
  • High-value customer identification to improve service offerings and reach like prospects
  • Predefined feature categories and how they can optimize predictive modeling of customer churn and switching
  • Householding and subscriber disambiguation to understand who is using your service, and how 
  • Predictive data features to sort competitors’ subscribers into pre- and post-paid account types
  • Consumer insights to evaluate business decisions and enhance operational management

If you’re looking for new ways to scale up your consumer intelligence, enhance machine learning, and give your organization a competitive edge, this ebook is for you. Please fill out the form for access.

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