Damani Talks Podcast Interviews Mobilewalla CEO Anindya Datta

Mobilewalla Founder and CEO Anindya Datta was interviewed in the April 15, 2021 episode of #DamaniTalks, a live podcast hosted by Anirudh Damani, Managing Partner of a venture capital fund company, Artha Venture Fund.

The show shared stories of Anindya and his distinctive entrepreneurial journey. Some of the key highlights of the interview include:

  • How was the idea of Mobilewalla born? Did Anindya know that Mobilewallla would be as big as it is today? Why did he decide to pivot?
  • What is Mobilewalla today and what does it do? What size should a business be before they approach Mobilewalla? How has Covid19 changed their business strategy? What's Anindya’s biggest lesson from the pandemic?
  • How does Anindya manage to lead a team that is scattered globally? What is the key to creating a good work culture? Where does he see Mobilewalla in the next 3 years?


Anindya Datta is a leading technologist and innovator with core contributions in best-in-class large-scale data management solutions, artificial intelligence, and internet technologies.

As Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Mobilewalla, Anindya has combined the industry’s most robust data set with deep artificial intelligence and data science expertise to help enterprises better understand, model, and predict consumer behavior.

Prior to Mobilewalla, Anindya founded Chutney Technologies which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2005. He has been on the faculties of major research universities and institutes in the United States and abroad, including the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Arizona, National University of Singapore, and Bell Laboratories. Anindya obtained his undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, and his MS and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park, he resides in Atlanta.

Picture of Mobilewalla


Mobilewalla is a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions, leveraging the industry’s most robust consumer data set and deep artificial intelligence expertise. Our refined consumer insights provide enterprises with unparalleled access to the digital and offline behavior patterns of customers, prospects, and competition.

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