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How AI and Machine Learning are Transforming the On-Demand Service Industry

The massive rise in the on-demand service industry and shifts in consumption behaviors have been driven largely by advancements in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Whether it’s ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft or food delivery services like Seamless, Uber Eats, and DoorDash, each service relies on vast amounts of data to provide the right personalized experience at the right time for individual customers.

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How AI and Machine Learning Impact On-Demand Services

1. Increased Personalization and Marketing Performance

Today’s consumers don’t want to spend time doing hours of research to decide what product to buy or where to order food. Advancements in personalization and consumer profiles through AI and machine learning improve marketing performance by serving customers the right products and services at the right time.

Data like purchase history, interests, location-based data, and other metrics are continuously collected to build persistent identities that help the on-demand service industry send perfectly-timed coupons and personalized suggestions for individual customers.

For example, with advanced consumer analytics, on-demand food service providers can predict with a high level of accuracy the type of food, time of day, and from what location a customer is likely to order. Patterns of behavior around events, nightlife, and ride requests can inform ridesharing companies of where drivers should be stationed and what time of day they should expect to be busiest.

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2. Faster Delivery and Improved Geographical Data

In the on-demand food service industry, service providers understand that delivering or arriving at a destination more quickly means more business, happier customers, and higher profits. In fact, the speed of delivery is often cited as the biggest driver of customer satisfaction with the optimal wait time less than 60 minutes.

Locations, street layouts, traffic patterns, and weather forecasts can all be simultaneously examined with the help of AI and machine learning tools, providing a clearer picture of delivery routes and possible obstacles shaving valuable minutes off of delivery time.

3. Identifying High-Value Customers

All companies know the importance that high-value customers have to the success of their business. However, most companies aren’t sure how to identify who their high-value customers are. With the help of AI and machine learning technologies, on-demand service providers gain holistic insights into who their ideal buyers are and identify potential opportunities in new markets.

A recent rideshare case study illustrates how Mobilewalla was able to help a ridesharing company better understand who their high-value customers are. They could then grow their lifetime value by cross-selling additional services or targeting look-alike audiences with similar consumer profiles

How Mobilewalla Leverages AI and Machine Learning

Mobilewalla combines the industry’s most robust data set with deep artificial intelligence expertise to help brands better understand customer behavior.  We collect, identify, and analyze directly sourced application usage data from SDK integrations and supply-side platform partnerships. Through our extensive AI expertise, we deliver refined consumer insights that provide enterprises with unparalleled access to the digital and offline behavior patterns of their customers and prospects, as well as nuanced data about their competition.

Want to gain deeper insights into your customers and potential buyers? Chat with our consumer intelligence experts to learn how you can start delighting your buyers with an improved customer experience.

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Mobilewalla is a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions, leveraging the industry’s most robust consumer data set and deep artificial intelligence expertise. Our refined consumer insights provide enterprises with unparalleled access to the digital and offline behavior patterns of customers, prospects, and competition.

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