LendBetter Data Sample:
Emerging Market Fintech Use Cases

Clean, privacy-compliant data and highly predictive packaged features to better understand your customer and assess risk.

LendBetter includes a library of data and predefined consumer features that have proven to be highly predictive for emerging market lending and payments use cases. This data will help you maximize new account acquisition while improving predictive modeling and credit risk decisioning.

Mobilewalla fintech customers in emerging markets use our data to:

  • Improve know your customer (KYC) verification processes
  • Enhance risk modeling and fraud detection
  • Identify, retain and acquire high value customers
  • Power new customer acquisition models with consumer demographics and behaviors

What's Next for BNPL Webinar:

Recently, Mobilewalla CEO Anindya Datta, joined the Fintech News Network's webinar discussing the Buy Now Pay Later Revolution. In this webinar, Mobilewalla was joined by leading players and industry experts to discuss the future of KYC & BNPL.


What makes our data the most comprehensive in the industry?

  • 2.2 billion unique devices across 40 different countries, 75B+ signals daily, with over five years of data history
  • Collected from the ad tech ecosystem, third-party data providers, app publishers, and other sources
  • Cleansed and maintained with a combination of deterministic, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques

Mobilewalla’s accurate, high-quality data provides the ideal input for creating profiles, performing data analysis, training predictive models, and more.


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