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Mobilewalla Launches LendBetter, Improving Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets

LendBetter is an Innovative Solution Helping Fintechs Maximize Loan Approval at Lower Default Risk

SINGAPORE; November 02, 2022; Mobilewalla, a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest offering for digital lenders, LendBetter, at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022.

Leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive repository of global consumer information, LendBetter is uniquely positioned to provide digital lenders with high-quality, AI driven predictive data and features at scale, helping them improve their credit assessment and customer acquisition process. LendBetter also offers financial institutions easy to integrate risk scores powered by sophisticated machine learning, which are highly predictive of credit-worthiness for new-to-credit borrowers. This enables digital lenders to extend loans to thin-file consumers, significantly increasing access-to-credit and positively impacting financial inclusion in emerging markets.

Working closely with various financial technology companies in Southeast and South Asia during the past year, LendBetter has generated positive outcomes for these early customers improving acquisition quality with the usage of AI driven features as part of the credit assessment process.

“LendBetter’s deep insights into consumer behaviour have helped us improve our quality of acquisition by reducing fraud, allowing us extend credit with more confidence” said, Paramananda Setyawan, Chief Data Office with FinAccel, a leading financial technology company focused on reinventing financial services in Southeast Asia. “Our partnership with Mobilewalla complements our growth ambitions. We are very pleased to work with them to help more people get easier access to credit.”

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“With our industry first offering LendBetter, Mobilewalla is excited to work with digital lenders across emerging markets to enable financial inclusion for the new-to-credit” said Anindya Datta, CEO and Founder of Mobilewalla. “LendBetter provides access to AI driven, privacy compliant consumer data at scale, enabling them to approve more credit at a reduced default risk. Our partners find our future-proof features and scores to be highly predictive of consumer behavior, and easily integrable for a variety of use cases spanning customer acquisition, risk management, and fraud prevention.”

Financial technology companies interested in exploring the value of LendBetter can download a sample data set and request for live API test.

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