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Marketers in Asia Weigh in on the Use of Data & AI in Marketing

Mobilewalla was excited to partner with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) to host one of its recent webinars in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. MMA is the only mobile-centric trade association actively serving this region by hosting webinars that bring together the full ecosystem of marketers, tech providers, and sellers working collaboratively to shape the future.

Presented on June 25, 2020, this webinar was a collaborative project between Mobilewalla and Smartfren, one of Indonesia’s leading telco companies. We were joined by over 300 professionals from throughout the APAC region, including many brand and agency senior leaders from Indonesia and India.

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Data & AI Marketing Trends in Asia-Pacific

During the webinar, we seized the opportunity to poll this group and generate insights about how their organizations apply data and AI techniques in marketing. Here’s what we learned about data and AI adoption trends in APAC organizations:

Leveraging Data to Better Understand Customers

Here we can see the answers were spread almost equally when the attendees were asked about their maturity level in collecting and leveraging data. As the amount of data is ever-increasing and marketers are becoming more data-driven, it’s not surprising that 36% of the respondents said that they are already using internal and external sources to improve their strategy and understand their customers better.

Biggest Data Challenge: Creating Single Customer Views


53% of respondents answered that combining their data sources to create a single customer view is their most significant data challenge. Historically, most companies' biggest challenge has been getting access to their data, and it is encouraging to see that most companies have moved past this point. Companies continue to look for, and struggle with, finding high quality external data sources to enrich existing data.

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In the Early Stages of Widespread AI Adoption

More than half of the respondents shared that they are new to AI and still figuring out how to implement it. Only 9% of respondents shared that they are using AI and that it is positively impacting their business. What is fantastic to see is that 18% of the respondents feel they have a fair level of maturity regarding AI adoption. AI adoption is a process for most organizations, and it is not uncommon to see internal competencies increase as companies grow and continue their digital transformations.

Biggest AI Challenges: Getting Started, Identifying Opportunities

In terms of AI challenges, we saw a fairly equitable split between four options. Finding the right use cases and getting started appeared to be the largest issue, according to 36% of respondents. Interestingly, the other three options all deal with internal issues (skills, understanding, and data) that are critical success factors that must be addressed before you start any AI project.

Explore the AI Advantage

At Mobilewalla, we have been working with brands around the world, across multiple industries and developed cutting-edge AI use cases in marketing such as high-value customer identification, brand propensity prediction, and many more. Check out our Resource Library to read real-world case studies across industries, from retail to automotive to food delivery.

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