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How Mobilewalla Delivers Advanced Consumer Data and Insights That You Can Trust

Harness the Power of Ethically Sourced, Accurate, and AI-Driven Consumer Insights

High-quality third-party data for predictive analytics can help you build accurate predictive models, gather the most granular consumer insights (including those of consumers who have yet to be your customers), and keep you compliant with privacy regulations. 

But using such data comes with questions:

  • Where did it come from? 
  • Is it up-to-date? 
  • Was it legally obtained? 
  • Is it privacy compliant? 
  • Can I trust it? 

What a data provider does – and how they do it – matters deeply. Here’s how Mobilewalla answers such questions so you can use our data with confidence:

What Is Mobilewalla’s Data Source for Mobile Analytics? 

Mobilewalla has the most comprehensive repository of consumer data in the industry, processing and recording 75B signals from 2.2 billion unique mobile devices in over 40 countries every day. At the heart of this data is Mobile Advertiser ID (MAID), which uniquely identifies a mobile device. Associated with these device IDs are certain granular attributes, including:

Data graphic

Our robust data set (cleansed and stored over an extended period) and AI-driven algorithms allow us to create detailed insights around each device ID, encompassing both direct data and derived consumer behavioral insights.

How Does Mobilewalla Know Its Data is Legit and Up to Date?

After collecting data from multiple sources (mostly mobile app publishers), Mobilewalla applies data cleansing and fraud detection measures, using a mix of deterministic artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, to discard bad data and leave only highly accurate, granular data that can be used to make predictions, create profiles, and/or perform data analysis.

How Can I Be Sure the Data Was Gathered Legitimately?

Mobilewalla takes data privacy and consent compliance seriously. We want to be insightful; not intrusive. Compliance is in everything we do, from the data we acquire to the products we produce and ultimately to the solutions we make available to our customers. 

To that end, we do not have data that is considered sensitive or can be tied directly to an individual. You get information, not identification. Plus, our rigorous privacy and consent framework is built into each step of our business processes, including:

  • Sourcing: Each data partner must meet rigorous criteria, including having consent and privacy frameworks and processes for active compliance, obtaining data lawfully and in compliance with local regulations from where the data was sourced; having the legal right to sell and transfer data to us, and more.
  • Ingestion: Each signal is checked against our global opt-out lists, which are curated and updated with notices received from our data providers, industry groups such as the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), and our website. We also require data to be compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA).
  • Curation: We do additional compliance checks to update MAIDS based on the signals we received and remove any MAIDS added to the global opt-out list.
  • Building: When building data products, once again we check the global opt-out list to remove any appropriate MAIDs.
  • Shipping: We fully honor all data requests we have received from our data providers and users, and make individual request records available so clients can take necessary compliance actions.

Mobilewalla Privacy and Consent Framework-3-1

Discover the Power of Accurate, Ethical, and Comprehensive Data 

Mobilewalla’s accurate, high-quality data provides the ideal inputs for creating profiles, performing data analysis, training predictive models, and more. We provide 6 different data sets, making our data easy to use across a wide range of business, marketing, and data science applications. Download a free data sample and see for yourself.

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