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Navigating the Consumer Data Ecosystem - Part Three

PART THREE: Tying Up Loose Ends

Choosing a consumer data partner is a multi-phase process; the ecosystem is crowded, and it is often difficult to tell which provider has the best solution to meet your needs. Part One of this three-part series covered the basic questions to ask when evaluating a potential partner, and Part Two discussed the nuts and bolts methodology questions that are necessary to move the process forward.

In the last installment of this three-part series, Mobilewalla outlines the questions that need addressing when finalizing your search for a potential consumer intelligence provider.

There are three key areas to focus on when completing the search for your new data partner.

1) Integration

Ask for a list of the company’s current integrations, including DSPs, DMP Partners, so platforms, and publisher direct relationships. What are their steps for a new integration? How does the data get passed? How long does an integration with them take?

  • There is an ease of use and quicker time to activation if your partner has integrations with your existing data partners.
  • Understand the time, cost, and effort for new integrations so that everyone is on the same page for the process and working under the same set of expectations.


2) Testing

Do they supply test data with no purchase commitment?

  • Samples of data for testing will help you to assess the overall quality and quantity of the data they have at their disposal.

3) Pricing

How does your potential partner price audiences? How do they price raw data feeds for overlays, enrichment, analytics, and other special projects?

  • Cost savings is a huge part of business success today. The option of different pricing models can provide flexibility when you are trying to rein in expenses, or slowly venture into new marketing initiatives.

Asking the right questions is critical when selecting a new data partner. Learning more about how the final integration, testing, and set up works will help ease your mind that your business is being attended to in a way that prioritizes your unique needs while navigating the data ecosystem.


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